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A British teenager was arrested and released on bail Monday after he tweeted an Olympic diver, the Guardian said.

Great Britain divers Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield placed fourth in the men's 10-meter synchronized diving event after which the 17-year-old tweeted "You let your dad down I hope you know that," the Guardian said.

Daley's father died of brain cancer a year ago and Daley had hoped to win an Olympic medel for him, CBS News said.

Daley replied, calling the tweeter an "idiot" and a slue of obscene messages from the accused tweeter and others followed, CBS News said.

The teen tweeter was issued a harassment warning and is being investigated, the Guardian said.

Akram Khan upset over NBC Olympic ceremony snub

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The choreographer of a tribute to London bombing victims said he is "disheartened and disappointed" because NBC cut the performance in the opening ceremony's American broadcast, BBC News said.

Akram Khan was asked by opening ceremony artistic director Danny Boyle to design a portion of the ceremony with a mortality theme, BBC News said.

The tribute included photos of the bombing victims, some who's family attended the open ceremony, BBC News said.

NBC said that it was unaware the portion of the ceremony was in reference to the attacks, Huffington Post said.

A Ryan Seacrest interview with swimmer Michael Phelps aired durning the American broadcast instead of Khan's tribute, Huffington Post said.

Gorilla in Prague Zoo accidentally hangs himself

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A 5-year-old gorilla accidentally hanged himself in a Prauge Zoo on Friday, the Pionner Press said.

A spokesman for the zoo said the gorilla, Tatu, was found with a rope around his neck in a sleeping room Friday morning, the Pioneer Press said.

An attempt was made to revive Tatu after zoo keeper drove away the other gorillas, BBC News said.

Tatu was with the Prauge zoo since his birth, which thousands watched online, in 2007, BBC News said.

2 US climbers found dead on Peruvian peak

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The bodies of two US climbers were found on Peruvian peak by searchers Saturday, NBC News said.

Gil Weiss, 29, and Ben Horne, 32, were both experienced hikers and belonged to the climbers' collective, NBC News said.

The two left the city of Huaraz on July 11 for a seven to 10 day trip. When their families didn't hear from them by July 24, they notified searchers, NBC News said.

According to searchers, Weiss and Horne made the summit of Palcaraju in the Cordillera Blanca but ran into trouble on the way down, plunging nearly 1,000 feet off a ridge, WJLA, an ABC affiliate, said

It is highly encouraged to climb the Cordillera Blancas with a local guide as conditions can change quickly, WJLA said.

Weiss and Horne did not have a guide and knew the risks, WJLA said.

A 97-year-old Nazi war criminal was arrested Wednesday in Budepest, ABC News said.

Laszlo Csatary was convicted in absentia in 1948 in Czechoslovakia for war crimes and sentenced to death, ABC News said.

He was number one on the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's most wanted list, Daily Mail said.

Csatary is accused of deporting 15,700 Jews to the Auschwitz death camp during the World War II, Daily Mail said.

A fugitive on the U.S. Marshal Service's most-wanted list was arrested on Friday by Mexican police in Cancun, Fox News said.

Vincent Legrend Walters is wanted in San Diego for suspicion of kidnapping and murdering a girl in 1988, Fox News said.

Walters, 45, was working in the Cancun international airport under an assumed name and bragged about his fugitive status, Fox News said.

Charges against Walters are for allegedly kidnapping three people in connection with a drug deal. Two of the kidnapping victims were release and one died from ingesting chemicals soaked into a rag Walters used as a gag, the Washington Post said.

Walters brother is currently serving 25 years to life in prison for his involvement in the kidnapping and murder, the Washington Post said.

A suiside bomber attacked a wedding in northern Afghanistan on Saturday killing several local officials and a prominate lawmaker, the Washington Post said.

The wedding was of the daughter of a a top member of parliament and former warlord, Ahmad Khan Samangani, the Washington Post said.

The bomber detonated a bomb vest in a large hall where the wedding was being held, the Washington Post said.

A member of parliament and the head of the province's intelligence agency were among the at least 19 killed, the Washington Post said.

The Taliban denied involvement in the attach and stated that Samangani was notorious and could have a number of enemies, the Huffington Post said.

Drug tunnels discovered days apart in U.S., Mexico

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The Drug Enforcement Administration announced the discovery of at least two hidden tunnels between San Luis, Ariz. and San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico, CBS News said.

Authorities said the tunnels, which are believed to be designed for smuggling drugs across the boarder, have electrical lighting and are well-ventilated, CBS News said.

The DEA was monitoring a building on the U.S. side of the boarder they suspected to be a "stash" house, ABC News said.

On July 6, a truck attempting to transport 39 pounds of methamphetamine was traced back to the building, ABC News said.

Three people were arrested by U.S. authorities in connection to the tunnels, ABC News said.


$16 billion of aid has been pledged by various countries to Afghanistan civilians for rebuilding after U.S. and NATO forces leave, the Washington Post said.

The committee of nations, who met in Toyko on Sunday, outlined specific goals and progress as proof that the Afghan government is combating corruption as they have promised, the Washington Post said.

Penalties have not been outlined if the goals are not reached, the Washington Post said.

US, Japan, Germany and the UK are the largest donors, the BBC said.

A follow-up conference will be held in 2014, the BBC said.


Mohammed Morsi, the newly elected president of Egypt, has ordered an investigation into the deaths of protesters killed during last year's civilian uprising, the New York Times said.

Morsi appointed a 16-member committee of judges, a state prosecutor, a general, a top police commander and representatives of victims' families to perform the investigation, the New York Times said.

Morsi was detained during the beginning of the uprising, Israel National News said.

The investigation is a promise Morsi made during his presidential campaign, Israel National News said.

The committee may hit a road block with the military because they do not have the power to investigate or bring charges the military, the New York Times said.

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