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Another otter attack reported on Northland lake

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A swimmer in Ude Lake, near Atikin, was attacked by two otters, the Duluth News Tribune said.

Carol Schefers, 38, was swimming in the lake where her family has a cabin and thought at first it was fish biting her, the Duluth News Tribune said.

Schefers' husband pulled her out of the water and brought her to the emergency room, WCCO said.

Schefers is recovering from 18 bites and says the life jacket she was wearing kept her afloat, WCCO said.

A person of interest in the 1989 abduction of Jacob Wetterling sent a letter to state authorities about how law enforcement has treated him, the Pioner Press said.

Authorities have not found conclusive evidence to arrest Dan Rassier, 56, but they have questioned him multiple times and spent over two days searching Rassier's family farm in 2010, the Pioner Press said.

In the letter, Rassier said the authorities "abused the privileges of their power" and his and his family's rights have been violated, MPR News said.

Authorities are unable to comment on the letter because the case is still under investigation, MPR News said.

(Both the Pioner Press and MPR News use the same AP story - but I had a hard time finding a source that had original writing.)

On Friday the Savage Police Department said an injured dog was not abducted or tortured as previously believed but instead hit by a car, NBC News said.

However, Midwest Animal Rescue and Service, where the four-year-old pit bull mix was taken for care, said the injuries were not consistant with a car accident. They think the dog, Cesar, was abducted and tortured, NBC News said.

MARS said the straight edges on Cesar's cuts, lack of broken bones or road rash and lack of debris in the wounds point to intentional injury, the Pioneer Press said.

Niether the Savage police or MARS are able to explain why "Back off Bob" was written in green marker across Cesar's back, the Pioneer Press said.

Airport worker charged with drunken driving

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A worker at the airport was charged with drunk driving while on the clock, Minnesota Public Radio said.

John Joseph Korab, 54, was charged with drunken driving and use of alcohol while operating a vehicle, Kare 11 News said.

Police confronted Korab after he allegedly drove into the path of a jet. When they smelled alcohol on his breath, they arrested him, MPR said.

Korab was working at the airport for a ground service company and had a blood alcohol level of 0.21 percent, Kare 11 News said.

MnDOT places its own U.S. flags on bridges

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The Minnesota Department of Transportation replaced flags after forcing a local VFW to remove theirs, the Pioneer Press said.

On Friday, after numerous complaints from the public, MnDOT securely replaced the VFW's flags, 12 TV said.

After eight years of maintaining the flags on overpasses in Brooklyn Park, the Palmer Lake VFW was asked to remove the flags because it is illegal to place any object with in the limits of a highway, the Pioneer Press said.

MnDOT put up eleven flags and will look into developing a process for future flag requests, 12 TV said.

An unidentified woman was charged on Friday for breaking and entering a Fridley home on July 9, the Pioneer Press said.

The owner of the home, who had not been there for 10 days, returned and found the locks to the exterior doors changed KSTP said.

Sheets were hung over the windows, a stove moved from garage was connected, and a hole in the wall was patched, the Pioneer Press said.

Police found an SUV in the garage that was reported stolen from Wisconsin, KSTP said.

The women's finger prints were taken but did not generate any matches, the Pioneer Press said.

A father was arrested after his three children were found dead in their River Falls home Tuesday, the Pioneer Press said.

The mother of the three girls, ages 11, 8 and 5, called 911 and told police the children's father, Aaron Schaffhausen, had made comments to her "concerning their safety," the Pioneer Press said.

Police did not release detail of the cause of death, the Pioneer Press said.

Schaffhausen, 34, turned himself in to police shortly after the girls were found, the Pioneer Press said.

He is being held on three counts of first degree intentional homicide, the River Falls Journal said.

Amy Senser apologizes, begins 41-month sentence

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Amy Senser was sentenced to 41 months in prison on Monday for hit-and-run death Anousone Phanthavong in August, the Pioneer Press said.

Senser said she thought she had hit a construction cone and did not realize it was a person, the Pioneer Press said.

She was charged with one felony count for leaving the scene and one felony count for failing to notify authorities of an accident, the Pioneer Press said.

Senser apologized to the Phanthavong family in court saying that she was very sorry and "just never saw him," Fox News said.

The court denied the request by Senser's attorney that she be released pending an appeal, Fox News said.


A Maplewood police dog attacked an innocent pedestrian early Monday morning, CBS News said.

Bob Rozmarynowski, 65, suffered injuries on his back and thigh from the K9 attack, CBS News said.

Maplewood police officers were approaching two car thief suspects who fled when police questioned them; that was when the police released the dog, CBS News said.

Rozmarynowski hid behind a tree when he heard the officers yelling, the Pioneer Press said.

The dog was in pursuit of the suspected car thieves when he passed Rozmarynowski and attacked him, thinking he was one of the thieves, the Pioneer Press said.

Maplewood police Capt. Dave Kvam said the officers followed protocol and there will be no internal investigation, the Pioneer Press said.

Maplewood police will pay for all of Rozmarynowski's medical bills, but Rozmarynowski plans to sue the department, CBS News said.

One of the two teens arrested in the shooting of a 5-year-old boy last week was charged on Monday, the Star Tribune said.

Stephon Terrell Shannon, 17, will be tried as an adult on the charge of aiding and abetting murder, the Star Tribune said.

The criminal complaint listed Shannon as the shooter and another teen, 15, is being charged on suspicion of weapons possession, the Star Tribune said.

According to the criminal complaint, tensions from the September death of a 16-year-old boy prompted last week's shooting, the Pioneer Press said.

According to the county attorney, Shannon says he was not involved in the shooting, he knows who was, but will not tell authorities, the Pioneer Press said.

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