May 23, 2005

poo police

Every now and again, some butthead politician comes up with some ridiculous idea for a law that just makes you go "HUH?"

That butthead politician is currently Manfred Juraczka, a local Vienna politician who wants to perform DNA tests on the steaming brown left by dogs on the sidewalk. Why? To punish owners who don't baggie up the doody, of course. Fines could cost as much as US $284, not counting the cost of the DNA testing, which would also need to be paid by the offending owners.

So what does this whole thing require? Shat samples of all of the 50,000+ dogs in Vienna? Will there be a storage facility somewhere to hold all this poo? What kind of DNA testing specialist is going to want to spend their lives poking sidewalk leftovers?

And I thought the cat leash law was a pile of crap.

Posted by ause0007 at May 23, 2005 7:35 PM