May 31, 2005

Genetic Savings and Clone

Cloning. I'm surprised I haven't touched on this earlier. The cloning-your-pets thing puts dumb people at their finest.

Why clone? I love my animals. I will be devastated when they die. But it's a pet's personality that makes them great, and that doesn't come packaged in DNA. Personality is a result of life-experiences. Just like with us humans, our lives are what shape us into what we are.

Take two cats, genetically identical. Drop one off in Gary, Indiana. Drop the other off in Evanston, Illinois. Wait a few years. Take both cats from the environment in which they grew up. Study them. There's no question that those genetically identical animals will be nothing alike. If your precious Evanston kitty dies, a clone won't replace her. This is kind of an extreme example, because your clone kitty probably wouldn't be a Gary cat, but the point is that even your kitty and a cloned counterpart will have different life experiences and will therefore not be the same at all.

You can clone your cat and she'll look just like your Schnookums, but she won't be Schnookums. When Schnookums dies, Schnookums dies. Cloning won't bring that cat back. So why spend a fortune for a cat you know nothing about (other than their appearance) when you can pick up a cat that actually needs you, and will appreciate you?

If you ask me, cloning is for people that can't accept that death is a part of life. People die, pets die, it hurts, you move on, you meet new people, new animals, and although there'll never be another Schnookums, there will be a Snowball. So deal with it. Snowball will be great. Geez, just give Snowball a chance!

Posted by ause0007 at May 31, 2005 5:00 PM