June 9, 2005


Why are humans so much more important than animals? I don't know. When your dog is about to die, and police action would help, why won't 911 send a few cops your way? Because people are dumb. Surely a few cops patrolling the area would be able to help out. If some emergency happened while they were helping the dog, they could take off, I understand that, but not doing anything is ridiculous. If no emergency happens, and you don't go for the dog, all you end up doing is killing a dog for nothing. People are dumb.

Luckily it's not like this all the time. Since Sophie Jack has disappeared, we've been patrolling the brush where we spotted her. The first night, we had no light to look into this heavily-brushed brush. We slowly got dinky flashlights over the period of a few hours, but even they didn't do much help. Then my boss went and got the cops, and they came over and put on all five of their super bright spotlights, and rolled them across the brush. They even got out and helped look with us. It was very kind of them, but unfortunately, we still didn't find Sophie. It's the thought that counts though, and I appreciate it to no end.

Posted by ause0007 at June 9, 2005 10:03 AM