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4/9/08 Service Learning Journal

This morning, Mr. Mat's class was working finishing up their trigonometric graph project that they had just been starting last Wednesday during my tutoring time by using computer-aided graphing software. Today, they were working on hand-drawn graphs to turn in for a final grade. They also have a test tomorrow, so it was critical that they understood all six of the trig graphs thoroughly. I worked with the same table as last Wednesday. They were relieved to see me walk into the room, as they were struggling with getting their paper graphs started. I helped them along, showing them with a graphing calculator what the graphs were supposed to look like if ideally drawn. After some review pointers, they caught on really well and were eventually able to complete the assignment on their own. As always, their kind and appreciative attitudes were uplifting. It certainly makes the pains of rolling out of bed a few hours earlier than normal well worth it to see the real impact you're having on these kids' lives.