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4/30/08 Service Learning

Today was one of the last days of class for the current rotation in Mr. Mat's class. The kids were working on their final project on the laptops and on finishing up homework assignments. Most kids were working on the projects and didn't need much help. I spent the hour today helping a girl on a homework assignment from a few days ago which was assigned a day that she missed class. Since she missed class, I taught her the material she missed, dealing with statistics and its representation through circle and bar graphs. She was a little rusty when it came to compass and protractor use for drawing the circle graphs, so we spent a good portion of the hour working on angles and their measurements. Just before I had to leave, she finished the assignment, though. It was really fun teaching her an entire lesson on my own. I am used to just clarifying information they had already been taught in class and helping them problems with little details, but today offered me the unique opportunity of doing some actual 'teaching' rather than just helping. It was really a rewarding experience to know that I helped her get caught up so that she will do well on the final exam and project. If I hadn't been there today, she probably wouldn't have gotten the one-on-one attention that I was able to give her, as Mr. Mat was very busy jumping around answering questions about the requirements for the final project.