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5/7/08 Service Learning...The End of a Great Experience

It's official: I have completed my learning experience at Augsburg-Fairview Academy for ARCH 1701H. With approximately 11 hours of service in total, I have fulfilled the course requirement for service learning, which is a nice relief for a busy college student. But I really viewed my experience tutoring high school students at Augsburg-Fairview to be much more than a required assignment for a college class; I viewed it as an OPPORTUNITY to give back. This positive mindset has gotten me up an hour earlier than usual on Wednesday mornings this semester fired up and ready to go out and make a difference.

It was a relief to wake up knowing that I would be finishing my service learning requirements, but it was also sad to think about the fact that I would probably not be working with the good people at Augsburg-Fairview again. IThis semester, I had the tremendous opportunity to work with an extremely grateful, welcoming, kind staff and student body. Each morning, I was welcomed by Mr. Matuseki and the students with a smile and immediately brought up to speed on what the class was working on.

This morning was no different, as I was promptly welcomed and thanked for coming. The class was small today; only five kids. It was a new rotation, so they were just getting started on a new unit. Mr. Mat had the kids working on yesterday's homework assignment during the first half of class. I helped a guy who didn't do much of the assignment at home and was scrambling to get as much done as possible before Mr. Mat collected the assignment. I tried to slow him down a bit and convince him that it would be best to do a few problems correctly than all of the assignment wrong. The assignment was dealing with finding the domain of functions, so I tried to explain the process in as simple of terms as possible (such as defining domain as "what "x" cannot equal for the function to remain a function) He began to slow down and try to understand the assignment, even though he only finished about 1/4 of the assignment and didn't receive much credit.