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MDG Goal 4 Presentation Response

Sarah and Krista's project addressing Goal 4 (Reduce child mortaility) was a very informative presenation. The statistics they brought to the table were really quite shocking; a common piece of all of our presenations. The fact that 13,054 children die in the time we were in lecture today was particularly eye-opening. In discussing Sierra Leone's under-5 mortaility rate of 270 deaths per 1000 children, the group clearly defined the problem as a serious crisis. The widespread threat of Malaria lacking anything of ample magnitude currently being done to truly remedy the problem was well-defined by the group and solutions thoroughly analyzed. 39% of the population using inadequate sanitation facilities and 80% not using mosquito nets can easily be remedied; the group had some excellent points to make here. It really struck me when they explained how the problem and its solutions are widely-known, and that the acutal execution of these solutions is the real challenge. It was the simplicity of the solutions that really caused me to wonder why this country is still experiencing the crisis of child mortality. An adequate amount of mosquito nets, nutritious food, and immunizations would solve this problem. It really isn't that costly or complex. It simply takes people and/or governments to have a heart and take action to help their brothers and sisters in need. This is very much like the problems we addressed in our project; sustainable building strategies are widely known and have already been brought to the table, so our challenge was to convince our audience that these sustainable solutions CAN feasibly be applied to high-density urban housing. I enjoyed how they included a set of organizations to join and actions that can be taken by "the common man." Their group was unique in this, as the rest of us focused more on what can be done by governments, architects, and those in charge. I think their message reached the audience at a more personal level than the other presentations.

Overall, I really liked how the group organized their presentation: beginning with a well-defining the problem, followed by a thorough listing of possible solutions and an in-depth analysis of a few key solutions, and finally, ending with what they foresee as the benefits of the execution of these solutions. It was very much how we chose to organize our project, and I felt it worked well in all of the projects that chose to do so. I commend the group, and everyone who presented today, for a very thorough and thought-provoking analysis of the Millenium Development Goals. I hope that our audience of peers took our call to action to heart. We all learned alot in our own research as well as that of the other groups. To be honest, I didn't even really know what the Millenium Development Goals were before this class. I now feel that I know enough to educate others about them, which I hope to have the further opportunity to do in the future; be it in the formal sense at my church or something, or just in conversation with a few curious people.

In addition....
I just viewed the video today when I opened Ozayr's email. It was very well done! Great job, group! You found some great images to document the problem at hand, playing well with the emotional sensory qualities of well-chosen image and sound.