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6 Die in Bus Accident

The New York Times reported that a bus taking an Ohio college baseball team to Florida for a series of games, plunged about 30 feet off an overpass in Altanta Friday morning. Emergency officials said six people were killed and three more were critically injured. The bus, which was chartered by the team from Bluffton University, missed a turn at the end of the exit ramp and flipped over a concrete wall, crashing onto the interstate, said Officer James Polite. Twenty-nine passengers were taken to three local hospitals, said Dr. Leon. AirTran Airways and Delta Air Lines were offering flights to Atlanta for relatives of the victims at no charge.

The Star Tribune reported that investigators said the bus driver mistook the exit ramp for a lane and went into the curve at full speed. The bus began it's trip the evening before and had traveled all night long before it went off the road at about 5:30 a.m., it was dark at the time, but the weather was clear. Two vehicles under the overpass were struck by the bus, but no one in those vehicles was hurt. Classes and other sports trips that had been scheduled during next week's spring break have been canceled. A candlelight vigil was held Friday evening.


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