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Naked Photo Shoot

The Associated Press reported that more than 18,000 people, "stripped down and bared it all," in Mexico City's main square. This was all for U.S. photographer Spencer Tunick's biggest nude shot ever. Tunick snapped photographs of the people standing up to salute, crouching in fetal positions and lying prone on the tiles of the Zocalo plaza from balconies and a small crane in the morning. "I think all eyes are looking south from the United Sates to Mexico City to see how a country can be free and treat the naked body as art. Not as pornography or as a crime, but with happiness and caring," Tunick said at a news conference. The Brooklyn, New York, artist has become famous for photographing thousands of naked people in public settings worldwide, from London and Vienna to Buenos Aires and Buffalo. The Associated Press reported that nen and women from a broad cross-section of ages and social classes began arriving before dawn, although most volunteers were young men. Between shots, the volunteers burst out into verses of Mexican folk songs such as "Cielito Lindo."

Reuters reported that this photo shoot beat out Tunick's previous record of 7,000 volunteers in 2003 in Barcelona, Spain. Tunick directed with a megaphone a series of pictures, one with volunteers arranged in the shape of an arrow. There were hundreds of police keeping nosy onlookers away, there was also a no-fly zone declared above the plaza. "This event proves that really we're not such a conservative society anymore. We're freeing ourselves of taboos," said Fabiola Herrera, a 30-year-old university professor who volunteered to strip, along with her boyfriend.


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18,000 nude people for one shoot. How did I miss that? LOL

That really would have been something to see. Sounds like it was a pretty interesting shoot.