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Panda Porn

According to the Contra Costa Times, a report on CNN Monday detailed how Chinese scientists are getting its near-extinct panda population, "back on track." Recently male pandas have not been responsive when it comes to mating season. Scientists have begun playing videotapes of pandas having sex for the male pandas. After footage was shown, CNN reported that scientists saw, "a panda in a cage practically howl at the moon once somebody pushed play on a VCR just outside the cage."

This story proceeds to discuss the debate surrounding human pornography.

The Associated Press reported that in Chiang Mai, Thailand scientists are showing DVDs of uninitiated male pandas mating. It is one of the many techniques that attempt to get captive pandas to do it, and do it right. The efforts have paid off in China, now comes the next test of getting pandas to mate in their natural habitat. The audio-visual approach “is the same idea as chimpanzees seeing people smoke and then copying it,? says the Thai researcher. The results show that in the first 10 months of this year, 31 cubs were born in captivity in China, out of those, 28 survived. That is a change from the 12 births in 2005 and the nine in 2000.