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Looking Fly

One of the important features of a rapper is his appearance. He or she needs to appeal to their audience. And directly or indirectly influence their audience's fashion sense. No matter what he or she has to say, the communication would not be complete if the outfit was offbeat. Tattoos have also been added to the list of must-haves for rappers, even for the females. So in this blog, I present the evolution of fashion in rap from the early 90s till today.


Blast from the past





Today -- we can see that a lot of the women in these videos have less clothing on (except for Lil Kim who has always upheld that image). Also, most of these songs feature choreographed dances (or "dances from the hood") that are very ridiculous (thats an understatment) but we all want to get loose, at least once in a while.




And anything on BET tonight would suffice....


What I think is missing from this particular entry is critical engagement and a historical longview of hip hop. Hip Hop fashion has changed a great deal from the days of Kurtis Blow and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, through Run DMC and LL Cool J, through NWA 90s West Coast, etc, etc, through today. That much is a given, but why is that important and what can that tell us about hip hop culture? 3.75/5

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