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Oh, the Irony | Posted at 4:19 PM


This last Saturday marked the end of my academic year. Of course, this was the most opportune time for my Xbox to lay down and die. Couldn't it have waited til mid-summer? Or perhaps just not died at all?

The worst part is, it has not succumbed to the dreaded Red Rings of Death. Instead, it just freezes. That means that I have to actually pay for my repair... I wish it had RRoD'd. The nice thing is, Microsoft sends you a shipping container that's prepaid, so I will only be spending money on the repair, not the shipping as well.

GTA IV will have to wait, I guess. Maybe I can put some time into Pokemon Diamond and Mario Kart Wii.

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I'd never though there's another dreaded error than the RROD..

I had the same exact problem with my x-box! I payed 60 bucks to fix it but 3 months later i got the red ring....needless to say im still a bit bitter about it.

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