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How to: Play Age of Empires III over Hamachi/LAN | Posted at 7:16 PM

I ran into a problem a while back where me and my friend wanted to play AOE III over Hamachi.

If you don’t know, Hamachi is a virtual private network program but it’s real easy to use. It creates a LAN between you and anyone in your server (in my case, some of my friends). You can password protect your server and invite only people you trust.

Naturally, this means you can easily LAN with people when they aren’t on your home network. Sometimes this can be tricky but the first method I’m going to show you should work for almost all the games.

Method 1: The Windows XP/Vista Route

Windows XP

There is a little known feature in Windows that lets you specify what network adapters are most important. Many games like Age of Empires will use the network card with the highest priority.

  1. Click Start and go to Control Panel
  2. Go to Network Connections
  3. In the menu at the top, click Advanced and then Advanced Settings.
  4. You’ll see your Wireless or Local Area Connection in the list and Hamachi under “Connections.?
  5. Click Hamachi and click the Green Up Arrow to move it to the top.
  6. Click OK to close the dialog.

Now Hamachi should be configured as a higher priority connection.

Windows Vista

  1. Click Start and go to Control Panel
  2. Click Network and Sharing Center
  3. On the left side, click Manage Network Connections
  4. Press the ‘Alt’ key and click Advanced then Advanced Settings at the top.
  5. You’ll see your Wireless or Local Area Connection in the list and Hamachi under “Connections.?
  6. Click Hamachi and click the Green Up Arrow to move it to the top.
  7. Click OK to close the dialog.

Run Age of Empires 3 and try to host a LAN game. In the top corner should be your Hamachi IP address.

If it’s not the right one, then you’ll have to set it manually for the game…

Method 2: Set AOE 3 Manually

Before using this method, update to AOE 3 1.04 or above! You can find the patches here.

Here’s a way to force AOE 3 to use a specific IP address:

  1. Go to your My Documents/Documents folder.
  2. Go to your My Games folder.
  3. Go to the Age of Empires III folder.
  4. Go to the Startup folder.
  5. If there is not a user.cfg file, open Notepad. Do File > Save As… and save it as user.cfg (make sure to use “All Files *.*? not “Text Documents *.txt?) in that folder.
  6. In user.cfg (right-click, Open With Notepad) add the following line:

  7. Change “5.x.x.x? to your Hamachi address. This can be found by opening up Hamachi and seeing what the big numbers at the top say.
  8. This will force AOE 3 to use the Hamachi address instead of your LAN IP address.

Now start AOE 3 and host a LAN game. You should see your Hamachi address now, for sure!

[View the Hamachi AOE 3-specific wiki entry for details and also the general Gaming wiki entry for more than what I’ve covered]

Troubleshooting Network Problems

If the address shows up but your friend still can’t connect, first make sure their IP address is showing correctly.

  • Use the same version. All users wanting to play AOE 3 over network need to have the same version. To see what version you have, browse to where you installed AOE 3 and open up “patch.rtf.? At the top it should tell you what version you have.
  • Make sure your EXE is the same. If you’re like me and buy games but don’t want to keep putting in the CD for them when you want to play, you’ve “cracked? your Age3.exe file. Make sure your friends all have the same one, otherwise it probably won’t work.
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Thx alot m8 this rly helps me out for all games! this tactics works when ur playing pro streeet aswell

Hmm, Yeah it works but when my friend tries to connect it says the host is shutting the game down.

Ok. it worked perfectly on my Windows xp. I didn't have to create the IP override. But on my Friends Vista I did everything and It didn't work at all I made Hamachi the higher priority and created the cfg file and it didn't change anything...Is there anything else I can do?

got it...tnx. But, now we can't see each other's games in the lobby What to do now?

Did you try directly connecting to his IP address? That might work.

yes, it didn't work either.

same problem as last. I'm going through a router. I can ping my mate but he cant ping me

actually it was working at one point but we had different versions. he was using the nocd and i was using a cd then i got the same crack as him and then it wouldn't detect him again

me and a friend tried to do multiplayer through lan when i hosted a game he could see me but could not get in and when he hosted i could not see him at all we turned off our firewalls and typed our ip address directly but still nothing do you have to have an internet connection to do this?

hmm, i tried method 1, but i still cant detect any games when i tried connecting to my fren's ip address

I did the 2 methods shown and when i connect to my fren's ip, it says" failed to join"


Name: AoE three
password: 123

thanks a lot man...worked liek a charm...teh cfg bit...bloody godsend

well i joined that network right and its still not working i did everything, is it because me and my mate have the same serial key cause we used the same game cd's?

thanks man, realy helped :>

my friend has windows vista and i have XP. we tried to play AOE 2 but he cannot join my game and if he creates no game is shown on my system.
we made hamachi as prime network , turned off firewalls bt no success ...plz help...

i had the same problem as another person on here... when me and my friends try to join a game together it says failed to join, or only one of them can join... any help?

I moved hamachi up in my network connections and so did they, and we all have the User.cfg file...

Server name: ageofempires3east
Password: zxcvbnm
Join now!

i dont understand what we write at the startup user.cfg
anybody can tell me

Join our Age of Empires III network to play NOW:
Network: AOE3.TAD
Passwork: 123


Hey that really works, thanks alot :)

Ive worked alot to this game to work on hamachi...

After alot of work i found out that these things have to be done in order to get it to work:

1: Game versions HAVE to be the same for every player. Make sure to make all your friends to have the same version. Thats why some people can find the host but can't connect.

2. We had to get a small program that tricks aoe3 into thinking hamachi is the main network connection. Its called ''aoe3loader''.

3. We also had issues after we had patched the game to the version we agreed. It seemed we had to get the exact same cracks as well.

4. Also the tutorial on top of the screen. Im not sure if it's necessary when you have the aoe3loader, but i did it anyway.

Well hope this works ^^

Those are the things we had to do to make it work.

join network= beekarry

password =123456

join aoe 3 network

= kongtheage3

password= kong

Join to play aoe3:
AoE Gaming3


Join AOE network asian 1.0

i have tried everything thing posted on this website and on other websites and i cant get AOe 3 to use hamachi's ip address. i dont know what i am doing wrong any help?

NETWORK: hiddensouls222

pasword: hf,lpl]

try it

it says: the host canceled the game.. why? what is wrong

Join my Age of Empires II and III Network with or without expansion. If a player is not on for more than THREE DAYS he/she will be removed to create space for more active members. Yes, I will be following it closely.

Network name:FireSting
Network Password: fierylight


Age Of Empires 3 Network Asian Dynasties

network: aeo3asian
password: 123

when ever i start i ask for cd key i entr cd key and thn start playng but after quit when i start it again it ask for cd key ..plz tell me what shuld i do

id: AOE3_twc_tad
Pass: 123456

Join! I just created it..
Only for people who are online if you're not you will be kicked...

OK I have one computer with XP and one with Vista. I've got Warchiefs working fine on both of them, but not Asian Dynasties. The correct Hamachi IP address shows up on both computers when I try to host a game, but the other computer can never connect. Please help!

I just created one for AoE III.
Network ID / Password :
Satbee1 / Satbee1

hehe if u want to play warcraft 3 over hamachi join

= kongtheage3

password= kong

join network= beekarry

password =123456

somebody create for warchiefs game?

Age of Empires III:

USERNAME: Manasseh88


Hello, me and my brother tried to play this game we tried the Method 2. The only thing what could be a problem is dat we have only 1 CD, we switch from CD ( if one is in the game we switch from CD ). Is that the whole point? Before we got Sitecom Internet Connectors, everything worked fine.

Guys ...

I have a problem, i made all like its said above,i host the game, my friend joined, BUT the game was all about 10 sec. And then it disconnects us

Help me pls i ll create Warchief game :))


name: aoe3 clasic
pass: 123

name : lovewilliamson
password : 05806093

name : aoe3ivorycoast
pass : 123
for normal, warchief or asian. always available lol

yes but when I change my IP in user.cfg my IP in game is what is it please write me to email

wanna play aoe 3 so join

network: avinashkong

>no password<<

with latest patch aoe 3 ... tad etc

join AOE3 hamachi

patch 1.0

network Ghostspeed
pw roflmao




Join for AoE III, Asian Dynasties, patch 1.0.1:
Network: "AoE_III_AD_1.0.1"
Password: "none" (the pass is "none")

Join, new server need active players:

network: aoe3 mj
pass: 123

Hey ive got this problem, nothing works, BUT.
I tried the AoE3loader, but its just sayin, It cant find any aoe versions thats right.

if i got 1.6.3 loader, do i have to install the 1.6 patch then?

aoe of elgin

It works perfectly thx alot.

join us :

server : danyshor11
pw : danyshor11

w8 4 players.

or add my yahoo ID .


pass: 123

join my aoe3 network


Initially I thought Hamachi (fish), commonly used in sushi but reading on, you meant a zero-configuration virtual private network (VPN) shareware application. Lucky there is Wikipedia.

Oh thanks! Me and my friends were looking for this solution.

It`s great!.

Join us:

ID : pyzza
PASS: 12345



Thanx! Worked for me and my brother.
I had some problems in beginning but then i noticed that im on patch 1.00 :)
So i patched our games to 1.04 and it worked perfectly!
Thanx again for this tutorial!

ID: AOE3-077
PASS: 123

Asian Dynasties

Thanks man.It's work for me. I'm very grateful.

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x86 Vs. Windows 7 Home Edition x86

join my server

The problem the most of you have is get the same version!

Thanks for posting this info. I was having trouble with the ip thing in AOE3 with Hamachi and the info, Method 2: Set AOE 3 Manually
worked absolutely flawlessly!!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!

@ Darkphantom. Did you and friends both do the ipoverride as mentioned in method 2 or only the guy who hosted the game?

Few tips from me, I am lan maniac, I managed to play with my friends over Hamachi some games, which are considered hard to manage via Virtual LAN. So, lets begin:
1.Always, for lan games, stop the Windows Firewall from the control panel. 2.Always make Hamachi top priority network by the means author suggested upwards.
3.Always stop your antivirus program before playing if you don't know how to configure it properly for network play (Eset smart security is pain in the ass in that manner).
4.Always use Hamachi 1.0.21 - newer versions SUCK (guaranteed, I used all and 1.0.21 works best). All network members SHOULD use the same version of Hamachi.
5.Always configure Hamachi manually: enter network settings in control panel, right click on Hamachi network, then click properties. On the TCP/IP protocol 4 tab, enter properties again. In IP section enter your Hamachi IP (visible on Hamachi main window). Subnet mask is always and Gateway is always Leave the DNS empty (in Windows 7, this is the ONLY way of making Hamachi "home network"). That way, you both should be able to ping your friends via hamachi without problems.

hi. i try to use hamachi but he show me my real IP! what i have to do?

Hello to all, how is all, I think every one is getting more
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