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Dear Blizzard: RE: Diablo 3 Art Style | Posted at 9:47 AM

Dear Blizzard,

I think I’ve finally figured out my stance on the Diablo 3 art. When I first saw the Diablo 3 movies, I was totally fine with the art style. However, upon actually looking at the edited screenshots, I have to say that the edited art direction really feels more like Diablo than the current one.

I know that you will never redo the entire art asset base just because a portion of the Diablo-playing fans want a grittier look. That said, the petition has many good points, namely that Diablo is not Warcraft and needs an even more independent art style. I’ve said in the past that it doesn’t really matter or that we shouldn’t be complaining since Diablo III is actually coming out but upon further reflection I can see why this is significant. For those that are diehard fans of Diablo, the art style is one of the signature components of the franchise, so in honor of previous Diablo games, the third installment should stay true to the art style.

I believe (and others believe) that there is a common middle ground that can be reached. Why not add an option to use a simple saturation/contrast/brightness filter to give the game the same look that the photoshopped images represent?

I think that that would be the easiest way to address this “problem.? You will continue working on your art and though some people may not care those that do and for those that want a darker feel, the option is there. It would be a simple addition and since many games have graphical modifiers, I don’t think it would be too much work.

Here you can find the petition, at the time of writing with 24,000 signatures.

For your consideration,

Kamran Ayub











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You do realize that I can't see anything in those 'how it should look like' pictures because they're too damn dark, right?

Which is why it should be an option, not a requirement. I think the last example is too dark.

The best one out of the lot is Necromancer's choice. These weren't all done by one person. Nec's Choice I can make out everything, it just looks more creepy than the green and blue lighting shown in the original.

Damn it looks nice, think its gonna be a great success

The pictures are very related to the theme. I would like to see them with more brightness. Hoping it will bring success for you.

I run all my blogs on a Wordpress CMS (content management system). To test out the indexing preference toward cats or tags, I simply started a few blogs and made some fresh posts. For one blog I used tags and the other I used categories, then I started another and used both tags and cats on every post.

I play Diablo 1 and 2 in my high school and college years and really enjoy this game.

I am pretty sure I will try the D3 when it is out.

Any news about the petition ?

Looks like a winner to me...Though could stand to be a bit brighter.

really really good but really dark

Edited images are looking far better than the originals. I put my sign on that too.

Great blog! That was a sweet game. But I think it's beyond it's time now!

I'm afraid Diablo has left the building and the Cataclysm is upon us now ;)

Any news about the petition ?

Any news about the petition ?

Ya I totally agree with you on this so I hit your petition up. Theres a few other things that bug me about the game play graphics like the red highlights around the mobs but I guess thats a whole other issue.

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