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There is a God! Morroblivion Converts Morrowind to Oblivion’s Engine! | Posted at 11:11 AM

OK, this is seriously freaking awesome. I hope some blogs out there start writing about this because this is one of the coolest mods ever.

For all of us who loved Morrowind but disliked Oblivion somewhat, this could be our salvation! Morroblivion takes on the daunting task of converting all Morrowind files to work with Oblivion...

You can already download the latest builds to try it out and since I'm at work I can't...

Even if we have to use Oblivion-type methods for the menus and alchemy, etc, it will still be awesome… since I do like the Oblivion combat system, alchemy system, magic system, etc.

The tool will convert Morrowind, but to actually play it you need the Morroblivion Expansion mod. This is the mod that will deliver us the true Morrowind game itself.

If you’re a modder or a programmer or whatever, I would offer your help to these guys… the potential for this is huge!

Done right this could be RPG nirvana.

[Welcome to Morroblivion via Morroblivion]

Update: Looks like me and my friend succeeded in getting this posted at Kotaku, FTW!

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Hey, Zach, the owned of here.

Just wanted to say thanks for blogging about us! We really appreciate the publicity, and as a result of this blog post and the one on Kotaku, we now have a bunch new members.

Our goal is to create a nice community that will work together and help get this project to completion, and you've helped a LOT in doing that.

Thanks again!

Greg here. Dude, please let me finish it for you. I have already started, and I will do anything if you let me finish it. I will give all credit to you though,

I would be glad if i could help you to finish it for you. Wishing good luck to the future of it.

Has there been any developments or is this now abandoned?

This brings back memories! I hope you finish the project!

Has anyone been able to make it work? I've checked the bug and issues page but the error that's popping up on my installation isn't there. If anybody had problems with the installation, please write here.

Certainly brings back memories, what happened to this project?

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