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New Website Release – Business Association for Multicultural Students [Web Design] | Posted at 7:24 PM


As I just posted on my company blog, I’ve just finished another website. The site is for the Business Association of Multicultural Students, of which I will be a member of soon.

I met with some officers of the group last Tuesday. That was when I started developing the site and in less than a week and 30 hours later I was finished and met the budget. How’s that for turnover?

Here are some of the features I implemented:

  • Google Calendar for managing events.
  • Google Picasa for managing photos, along with a barebones custom PHP photo gallery script for the website itself.
  • Google Analytics for site stats and tracking.
  • Poll script and administration using SimPoll.
  • Integrated WordPress blog.
  • Integrated phpBB3 forum.
  • JohnDesign’s SmoothGallery for homepage “animations.?
  • SimplePie RSS reader for showing upcoming events and blog posts. I use RegEx to parse the date an event occurs from their Google Calendar RSS feed.
  • Custom admin control panel for uploading member resumes, along with a password-protected section for recruiters to view them.
  • Fully degradable design for accessibility, functions without JavaScript or CSS, like always!

Wow, that’s a lot of features, and all of the scripts were free! Unfortunately due to time constraints I was not able to skin their blog and forum, but perhaps at a later date they will want me to.

I know some people will be interested in my PHP + Picasa Photo Gallery integration and my parsing of Google’s Calendar RSS feed, so I will post those soon and update this post!

Updated (8/4/08 7:52PM): PHP code for the RegEx is posted.

Updated (8/6/08 11:03PM): You can view the old site as well, if you wanted to see a before/after.

Updated (8/12/08 8:31PM): I posted a how to on integrating Picasa using PHP.

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