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September 29, 2008

UMN MSP Blog [Wired] | Posted at 9:46 PM

I've created a separate blog using Windows Live Spaces. All it really means is that I will be posting exclusively on Microsoft stuff on that blog rather than filling this one up. I'd rather push people to a more official blog so they can check that for updates.

In other news I have an official email:

kamran.ayub [AT] student-partners [DOT] com

Content to look forward to:

  • Windows Live Writer review
  • Windows Live Mesh preview
  • Windows Live SkyDrive preview
  • Windows Live Workspaces preview
  • HP 2710p Tablet Review
  • Zune 8GB Review
  • Information about Zune Social/DDR Sweepstakes
  • Upcoming events I'll be hosting

Oh, I will have a busy October.

New Facebook Page [Being More Social] | Posted at 10:33 AM


I've created a new Facebook Page for Microsoft Student Partners at my University. I'll be using it to promote events, contests, reviews, etc.

Later this week I'll be creating profiles on MySpace and YouTube as well, so look out for that.

If you're reading this, make sure to become a fan!

September 26, 2008

One Sentence Review: Rock Band 2 [Xbox 360] | Posted at 12:29 AM


Title: Rock Band 2
Blurb: You play plastic instruments to some awesome songs.
Review: It's like they took everything that was bad about Rock Band 1, threw it out, and put a nice yummy glaze on top with some killer songs.
Grade: A+

Academia: Reloaded [More Busy] | Posted at 12:25 AM

Well, between my 3 jobs and class, I am a fairly busy person. Right now it's 12:10am and I felt like I should write a blog post.

Although I am busy setting up events and completing homework, I am doing pretty good. I still find time to just relax for a little bit but often times that doesn't include writing blog posts.

That said, I do have some posts lined up for this week.

In other news, I have plenty of Microsoft work. I'll be announcing some new things I'll be doing like a Facebook Page, MySpace, YouTube, and Twitter account.

I'll also be posting some essays I've done for class… just for fun.

September 16, 2008

One Sentence Review: Death Magnetic [Album] | Posted at 4:32 PM


Title: Death Magnetic
Artist: Metallica
Review: Well it ain't St. Emo, definitely way better, and perhaps even "considerably" good.
Grade: A-

Buy it off Amazon MP3

September 15, 2008

One Sentence Review: Burn After Reading [Movie] | Posted at 11:28 PM


Title: Burn After Reading
Blurb: No one knows.
Review: It's a Coen brother movie, what do you expect?
Grade: A-

September 12, 2008

First Impressions: Star Wars the Force Unleashed [Dark Side] | Posted at 10:08 AM


So I downloaded the Star Wars Force Unleashed demo yesterday after reading on Kotaku that it had been released a few days ago (I'm behind on news).

What can I say about the demo… it's awesome? Besides a few things like how it takes a bit to get used to force throwing and how there are many repetitive items strewn about, the gameplay itself is very satisfying. Throwing stuff at enemies, slicing them up, electrocuting them, and pushing them off walkways never gets old. I really like the combo system I saw and I wasn't paying too much attention but it looks like you level up. I will definitely be playing the demo through again.

I really look forward to renting the game eventually, since I doubt I'd want to play it through multiple times. But who knows, it might be so good I'll just buy it. Not right away, though… that honor goes to Rock Band 2 and other anticipated games in October.

September 10, 2008

One Sentence Review: Castle Crashers [Games] | Posted at 11:33 PM


Title: Castle Crashers
Blurb: Throwback side-scroller hack 'n slash with RPG elements.
Review: Haven't had this much co-op fun since long nights with Diablo II, this game is ADDICTING!
Grade: A+

Fix: BioShock Crashing On Startup [Tips & Tricks] | Posted at 3:57 PM

Recently a friend of mine tried to install BioShock and play it on his newly minted computer.

However, when he started the game, it would crash right on startup.

How to fix it?

Install the latest DirectX Runtime update.

Almost monthly Microsoft releases new DirectX updates, so make sure it's all up-to-date! After he did that, it worked fine.

Classes in Review [Too Soon?] | Posted at 3:52 PM

In the vein of posting first impressions, I will list the classes I am taking and my humble opinions about what they will soon hold for me.

  1. MGMT 3010: Introduction to Entrepreneurship. At first, this class seemed like it would be a lot of work and tedious. However, things have really brightened up. We have to create an actual microventure and sell it for at least 4 weeks near the end of class. My team and I think we've come up with a good idea and if we choose it, I will post more about it. Grade: A
  2. IDSC 3103: Data Modeling. This will be an interesting class. We're being taught by a Korean graduate student but she knows what she's doing. Sometimes it can be hard to understand but it's definitely not a big deal. She's nice and the class seems to be fun. I enjoyed doing the Entity-Relationship Diagram exercises, simply because it's interesting to try and reverse engineer a form into its database component parts. Grade: A
  3. HSEM 3067H: Digital Literacies. This class will prove to be some amount of work, with weekly readings and several large assignments. It will be fun, though, considering we get to create a podcast for our last assignment. Grade: A-
  4. FINA 3001: Finance Fundamentals. I already like this class which is something I didn't expect. I think it's because my instructor, John Molloy, is fantastic… he doesn't teach solely from a PowerPoint and puts things in an easy to understand scenario. Thank God! Grade: A

I have two other classes that don't start until B-Term, so I can't review them yet. Overall it looks to be a fun semester but extremely busy. Lots of reading, on top of working on my Microsoft projects, on top of working at SUA.

There was a sweet research project on video games and entrepreneurship, but I just don't have the time to do it. It would have been an excellent research topic though.

September 1, 2008

RIP D-Link Gamer Lounge [Just My Luck] | Posted at 10:35 PM

Isn't it fitting for my router to die the day before classes? I mean, it's not a HUGE deal but we can only use two computers, so no Xbox Live, wired printer, or development box until maybe Friday.

I just ordered a WRT54GL considering I can just install Tomato or DD-WRT on it to get extra features.

I'm just sad because my D-Link was awesome, a D-Link DGL-4300, for the last two years and now it just suddenly died.

It basically will keep restarting and never stop, it's pretty stupid. It works fine otherwise, between restarts it won't have any problems. It won't even reset when I try to press the Reset button.