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February 24, 2009

Rewriting Comcast's Abuse Notifications [1-Up] | Posted at 9:32 PM

In my business communications class, which is actually quite fun, we had an assignment to rewrite a memo. We had to make it friendlier, easier to read, and more concise.

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February 23, 2009

How To: Get Hotmail on Outlook/Thunderbird | Posted at 3:21 PM


Recently the Windows Live team enabled POP email access for all Hotmail (Live Mail)-based accounts. I found a great resource for how to add your accounts to Outlook (and with Thunderbird it's pretty much the same).

What are Windows Live Hotmail's POP3 and SMTP Settings?

In Thunderbird, for incoming you choose POP. For outgoing (SMTP), you need to add it in the Outgoing Server account and instead of SSL, choose TLS with a port 25. Type in your username as well.

Yes, it works with Hotmail-based accounts too, like my Student Partners email address.

[via Ask Leo]

February 17, 2009

How To: Track Your Xbox Repair Without Knowing the Tracking Number [Annoying] | Posted at 3:57 PM

I recently posted about how Microsoft did not provide my tracking number when it shipped my Xbox to me.

Here's how I managed to get my tracking information without calling anyone.

Microsoft sends packages using UPS and they use QuantumView. In the email they sent you where they tell you your Service Request Number, find it.

Then, go to UPS.com and use the Track by Reference feature. Paste your service request number into the Reference Number box. Then fill out where the package is supposed to go (your delivery address).

UPS will find either one or two shipments depending on how far along in the process you are.

Finally! Now I can attempt to change my delivery address.

February 16, 2009

Something is Missing… | Posted at 6:08 PM


I'll give you a second.

Find it? How about, "Where's my tracking number?"

I need to change the shipping address but I have to wait until QuantumView decides to tell me my tracking number.

I miss my Xbox.

February 10, 2009

How To: Generate a Clean/Friendly URL | Posted at 5:27 PM

The term "slug" was first coined, I believe, by Wordpress to mean a URL-friendly version of a post title. You see them on blogs all the time. How do you go about converting an unfriendly title into a friendly one?

Learn how on my Intrepid Studios blog where I give you code in C# and PHP.

February 6, 2009

New Intrepid Studios Website [3, 2, 1 Launch!] | Posted at 4:00 PM

Intrepid Studios Screenshot

Last week I released my new Intrepid Studios website. I've fixed a lot of the bugs that were causing problems and I am constantly working on it to improve it.

I have a new vision for my studio site, where it will serve as a resource and content site instead of only a "look at my designs!" site.

You will see a lot more articles, tutorials, walkthroughs, screen casts, et al showing up on the site, I am pretty excited.

You can read more on the launch post.