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Zippity Doo Da [ZipCar] | Posted at 1:56 PM

Join Zipcar and get $50 in free driving!

So, I am going to try this new ZipCar thing. I have a car at home but since parking fees are atrocious here at the U, it does not make a lot of sense to keep it around here. Worst case scenario has me taking the bus home and then I can get the car. With ZipCar, I hopefully will not have to do that… I think it will be useful for going to Target/Uptown/etc. for trips and then I can take my own car for longer trips.

I will record my experience with the cars here once I get approved. Since I turned 21 this last year, they needed information on my previous license. If you didn't write down your DL# previously, you'll need to either send in a Driver Record Request form or visit a DVS location. I had mine written down so I was in luck (though before I found it, I had already sent the $9 to DVS with the form by snail mail… oh well), otherwise it may have taken another week in addition to the time they usually take.

My logic in joining ZipCar was that: a) $30/year, how can you go wrong? and b) easy access to big stores for groceries, etc. I am in Yudof this year so food is my responsibility, that is one of the big reasons I chose to try this out. Plus, I can use it to go out on the town every once in a blue moon, maybe try some new restaurants around here (it takes like 1.5 hours to get to Jax Cafe by bus).

I am only worried about making the reservations and how many other people are using it around here. I can see myself reserving a week in advance. I'll let you know how it goes.

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I found this post funny, but maybe because I am a European. Zip Car and that you need a Driver Record. You must know that we make the driver license once. In the US I always am asked about the validity of my driver license. My answer: "This is my death date and this is unknown."
Checked, what is a zip-car. This is a great idea!
And now back to your technology blogs, which are quite helpful and informative - well for sure for a European.

$30 a year is very reasonable for a car, more than reasonable actually. I live in uk and we have some really small roads which are extremely difficult to go through. Small cars have their own advantage plus most of them are fuel economic. Well done on choosing a brilliant deal.

Perhaps we should get rid of all our personal cars and use these Zip cars?

Where can you find more information on these things? I have never heard of a zip car, but at $30 a year, there is no way that you can go wrong.

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