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One Sentence Review: Batman Arkham Asylum [X360] | Posted at 12:30 PM


Title: Batman Arkham Asylum
Platform: PC, XBox 360, PS3
Blurb: You're Batman and you kick ass.
Review: This is what a superhero game should be: kicking ass and taking names.
Grade: A

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a great game with batman as the figures...

I just got this game and it is insane. I love this game. I have never seen a better Batman game.

This game is sweet. Batman kicks @ss.

I absolutely LOVE this game. It's probably my 4th favourite game of all time.

3rd place goes to Resident Evil 4, 2nd Arkham City and 1st Half-Life 2.

Have you played Arkham City yet? You will love it if you enjoyed this.

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