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One Sentence Review: Dragon Age: Origins [PC] | Posted at 9:55 AM


Title: Dragon Age: Origins
Platform: PC
Blurb: An epic dark fantasy filled with adventurers and bad guys.
Review: One of the best games ever made—amazing cut scenes, voice acting, and gameplay.
Grade: A+

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How long did it take you to finish the game?

Haven't yet, I think I am around 75 hours still.

How does it compare to something like mass effect in terms of voice acting and sense of immersion?

Mass Effect has more sense of immersion and the voice acting is alot better but Dragon Age: Origins holds its own in my opinion. The voice acting is good, theres some memorable and funny dialogue lines in there and it does immerse you but not as much as Mass Effect does. The story is pretty good but predictable and the fighting is simplistic which is great!

Grade - A

The Mass Effect games get a A+ and A from me, the second one wasn't as good as the first one.

It looks awesome. Have you finished it yet?

i liked the gameplay
i give it a 8/10 note

Was this Dragon Age or Dragon Age 2?

waaw i like that game

I agree I give Dragon Age: Origins an A+ also. Great game for the PC but you should have a good gaming mouse.

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