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Windows Phone 7 Quick Tip: Disable Hamachi [Tips & Tricks] | Posted at 8:59 PM

I ran into a problem while playing with the Windows Phone 7 CTP the other day. I was trying to use the Google data services via the WebClient object. It was throwing exceptions no matter what I did. I noticed it threw exceptions on ANY Google-hosted URI.

Long story short: disable Hamachi or any other potential virtual network adapters. VMWare seems to not interfere but Hamachi enjoys taking over connections sometimes and will hijack your phone emulator.

You can view the details of my adventure right over yonder.

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I upgraded my netbook from Windows 7 starter to premium. I never fully activated, now its wanting me to. How do I go back to started ?

Awesome tip! I'm surprised how many inroads the Windows Phone 7 platform has made this year

@ Mary: I don't think that you can just go back to the started one. You got to install the started one again.

Thanks for the tip I'm having the same issues.

This is such a great tip,lets wait and see.

I too am having this issue, thanks for the tip!

gracias por deleitarnos de esta manera tan top.


I was thinking about getting a windows phone but i don't know anyone that has one all my friends got an android or iphone. So how is it?

I changed my phone to from windows to Android not as many problems easier to fix.

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