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Goodbye, College! | Posted at 2:46 PM

I graduate next Monday with my degree in management information systems. I am pretty darn excited but there is one thing I will miss…


My university's internet backbone.

Goodbye sweet, sweet speed. I managed to order 12Mbps/5Mbps high speed DSL for my new apartment but it will never match the speed I've been accustomed to.

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I feel your pain Kamran. The same thing happened to me when I left college in 2006. Now I work at a data facility to my uplink is awesome at work. Have to settle with my 6mbs DSL at home though. Congrats on graduating next week!

I feel your pain too, I have 20mb cable at the minute, I really hate DSL though.

But on the brighter side, congratulations on graduating!

45.6 mbps?? Man, you've been spoilt!

Even your new DSL at 12mbps is way way quicker than most stuff available here in the UK - over double our work broadband. You guys are so lucky over there!

Darn, now that's what I call an upload speed. Wish I had that here at work, as a 2 Mbit upload ( 32k down ) is often a real pain in...

Just glad our provider is now upgrading to a 100/6 Mbit line, guess who's first to apply ^^

Btw - yea, congrats on the graduation - if you're ever tired of doing what u do now, we have some spots open ^^

Yeah you get frustrated when things go slow but remember the speed that technology advances and be patient. Well done to graduate!

speed speed is what we need Lol congrats on graduating

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Holy crap, that's some speed! I think I would miss it as well! The best I've had was 23mbs.

Wow thats super fast i think i only get about 25mbps at most. By the way congratulations on graduating.

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