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July 23, 2010

User Experience Changes in Outlook 2010 [FTW] | Posted at 8:11 AM

I wanted to make a list of changes that I really appreciate from a usability perspective. Thank you Outlook team!

  • Reordering Accounts: You can finally reorder your left pane accounts any way you want; now my archive folder is properly at the bottom and my accounts are ordered by importance.
  • Auto-detect Outgoing Mail Account to Use: It used to be in 2007 that when you composed a new mail, it defaulted to using your main email account. Now, however, it properly detects what account the current folder you're viewing is associated with and uses that. YES. Now my hack of an addin is no longer needed!

I will keep this list updated as I discover new features.

Upgrading Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010 [FYI] | Posted at 7:58 AM

I couldn't really find a straight answer on this. I wanted to know if I had to backup my mail and whether it would get deleted if I upgraded to Office 2010.

The short answer: no! It migrates all your email and settings perfectly, didn't run into any problems!

To save you the trouble, make sure to get the correct version of Office 2010 (32-bit or 64-bit). You cannot upgrade to 64-bit from Office 2007 32-bit; the versions must match.

2010 is so much faster than 2007. I have at least two mailboxes that have between 1GB-2GB of size and 2007 would crawl opening them. 2010 starts up in 5 seconds with all the mail loaded; it's so much faster.

The best feature (so far) is the ability to reorder your mail accounts and favorites in the left pane. THANK GOD.

Now to check if I can combine internet calendars into one calendar, or at least get them to show up in the right-hand agenda list.