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This is Pretty Sad, Isn't It? [Never Enough] | Posted at 1:00 PM


OK, so I still have 437GB left… but still!

My C: and D: partitions are on two 200GB drives. I was thinking about swapping my C: drive with this monster and then using the extra GB for another storage (media) drive. Then I can move my virtual machines to C: to speed them up. It's cheap but will hopefully speed things up without costing me the price of a PS3.

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Hah, I have just the opposite situation, too much disk space! My drive failed a few weeks ago, and the price sweet spot was at the 1 GB mark, so I said "what the heck", even though I knew I'd use only a fraction of it. Sure enough...

sniper@SniperPC ~ $ df

Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda8            228871436   7034336 210211116   4% /
none                   2020960       300   2020660   1% /dev
none                   2028544       340   2028204   1% /dev/shm
none                   2028544        92   2028452   1% /var/run
none                   2028544         0   2028544   0% /var/lock
none                   2028544         0   2028544   0% /lib/init/rw
/dev/sda6                93207     29470     58925  34% /boot
/dev/sda5             19520176   5913872  13606304  31% /shared

Then I also have an (unmounted under GNU/Linux) ~650 GB NTFS partition, of which I'm using only 50 GB at the moment. You definitely win in the "disk usage" department, although I do match you in the number of partitions! :)

I think you need to get more movies and music... I stream them to my Xbox through TVersity. Can do the same with Boxee or stream to PS3.

Dude seriously how much do you need! You can only play so many games at the same time and you only keep the best movies on your drive.

I only have 80gb and that may sound like obsolete to you seeing that so much space sounds less to you :p

but yea, mine is getting all used up to, its prolly time for a bigger one.

Lol, that seems about right. Mine looks similar. It really isn't that crazy though when you consider how much space media takes and how little everything else does with the exception of windows and some larger programs.

I was shocked to see the how much space you have in your hard drive. During the days I only used to have 9G drive c and 9G drive d, 18G total. The technique there is update, delete unnecessary files and download only the needed files.

Charles Baratta

Public announcement ;-) make backups. I lost my hdd recently in an accident. Now i use mirror RAID.

Great idea Kamran, I say go for it!

@ Iouri: That was funny!

You can never have too much disk space. Do it! It is not just about playing the game, it's also about HAVING it sitting on your computer just in case you want to play it.

Couldn't read all your posts, but judging on this particular one I can say your blog makes a difference. And it's just because it actually adds value to the reader, and not just fluff. Keep posting and inspiring your readers, thank you.

Classic :)
For the last 8 years I'm working in the same business with pretty much the same software and 8 years ago my 20GB disk was full and now my 2x1TB disks are full. Just bcs I'm lazy and don't know where to start with cleaning up..
I guess we'll just have to buy another disk :D

haha,I'm facing this dilemma.ANd i got it reformattted.

something similar happens to me, I think I'll have to give me the task of doing a review of files

Why don't you just start moving files to external drives if you want to keep them all. I personally would erase the unused ones.

Why don't you just start moving files to external drives if you want to keep them all. I personally would erase the unused !!!!!!

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