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October 20, 2010

Wow, Fallout New Vegas is Infested with Bugs [Disappointment] | Posted at 9:48 PM


What has happened to the industry when a brand new game comes out and feels like it's still stuck in alpha?

It seriously took me 30 minutes trying to get the game to start since it would crash every time I tried to start it.

I noticed this happens when I tried to do fullscreen on most resolutions, but worked okay in Windowed mode. It also didn't work until I downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers (it wasn't a Geforce, so it didn't have to do with the driver release after the game's release, I was only one version behind). Maybe because I restarted my computer it magically worked, who knows? The VS debugger said that a memory address was denied access or something.

Then, after finally getting into the game, it crashes during the weird blur effect during the intro. Awesome. It doesn't just crash, no, it shuts down my damn computer. I tried this 3 times with the same effect, and I was on Medium quality at 720p.

So then, I turn everything to low and run in windowed mode and everything seems to work, although it still stutters intermitently when it absolutely should not.

Just for kicks, I turn up the settings to ultra, same resolution in windowed mode, then load up my save. Of course everything is stutterville x 10, even though when it doesn't stutter it runs fine. The game is unplayable.

I literally spun around in place about 40 times and the game crashed. Yah.

Sorry, my recommendation right now is to pass on this game until the 4th patch is released when it finally works properly.

If it's possible to look past the bugs, there seems to be a good game underneath. I want to be excited for this game, I really do, but I can't until it actually works.