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Getting the PlayStation Network (PSN) to accept your billing address [Bad Design] | Posted at 5:19 PM

It took me a day and 20 attempts but finally I got it to work. First, you're not alone… tons of people have this issue.

Why is this happening? PSN uses the Address Verification System (AVS) for your bank. If your bank doesn't provide this, it very well might not work at all. I use Wells Fargo, and they do have it.

For myself, I have an address like this:

1234 Street Name St
Apt 123
City, STATE 12345-1234

My statement looks like:

APT 123
CITY, STATE 12345-1234

However, PSN only accepted it in this format exactly:


A few things to note:

  • Not shown here but I included my middle initial in the card name field (not sure if this affected it).
  • All uppercase. This is how it appears on my credit statement.
  • No 9 digit zip. I left off the last4 digits even though they are on my statement.
  • One line. It says in the FAQ you should keep apartment numbers on the same line, so I did.

The big things are: exactly as it appears on your statement (minus perhaps the zip), all uppercase, and one line address.

The fact that I have to do this is atrocious and is either the fault of PSN for not formatting my request properly to AVS or AVS itself and its terrible request processing.

Now I can finally get FF7.

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Explanation was Good,I waiting for the new pictures add in this blog in future.

Ugh yes, it's very annoying, isn't it? If you get one little thing wrong they won't accept the address.

THANK YOU! I had no clue what was going on. This drove me insane. AVS always does something weird when I give it my apartment number.

Isn't it great the way we all can share the little successes in our lives in order to help others via message boards and blogs. Thanks for the help on this one.

Using PayPal shopping carts can be nearly as frustrating.

thats good tips & i should try to...

that's it a good tips and i will try that @ home

OMG! So it's all in a format LOL, tnx for a great tip!

I've had a similar problem. Nothing like making things more complicated when they should be simple.

I think this is a PSN issue, they should seriously address it

On a side note, FF7 is clearly the BEST FF to date still!

Sounds like a nightmare! I was thinking about joining PSN. I hope I don't have the same problem.

Wow you really had a little bit of trouble... After the first attempt didn't you tried to find something useful on Google? I mean find a psp billing address?

Thanks for the explanation.
a friend and I have been having that problem.

Now it's time to play!!!!

Dont enter your details on the PSN, after the hacking, you dont want to give your information away, lets hope they fix the security problem.

PNS, well that's is surely Pain iN the asS. I have to do it more than 30x just get mine correct! Wheeee..

i never quite understood the last 4 digits of a 9 digit zip code. i know all officila addressed include the full 9 but residential addresses aren't required to have them

I'm with you. Who memorizes all 9 digits and uses them? Nobody I know!

Thanks for the notes. Those are really helping.

Thanks for the info, so many people are asking, now how do we get around the security issues?

Thank you it was interesting about PNS.

I feel your pain - heaps of sites wont let you submit forms without including a state! - Great if you live in Australia or the USA but a pain when you live in just about any most other countries in the world

I don't know about PSN. I
personally think its a waste of time

PlayStation network is staggered lately, not the best idea to give any personal info to them. Perhaps you should have quit it at your 19th attempt ;)

wow, thats so easy! Thanks you, now I'm in PSN!

Thanks for the help, but after all the trouble that the PS network has had recently I'm reluctant to give them any of my info.

Damm PS network, with your pesky address format thing, you are the bane of my life, but I still love you...LOL

DAMN YOU SONY! Fix PSN! I'm being deprived from MvC3. IPcam site

You would think Sony would be able to figure something as simple as this out.

You'd never see this problem with Apple, they make it so easy for you to give them money anytime, anywhere.

Thanks a lot for the explanation, I had been trying to figure this out for days. Now I can finally get to playing!

Good and Excellent information, thank you so much. I'm comes here after googling the search engine.

ops this post saved me... Even I too faced this address problem and I googled for the solution and I got his post.

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Be careful with PSN, they were recently hacked and a lot of user information was compromised.

I think it will be a while before the PlayStation Network regains the confidence of subscribers. Hopefully they have resolved the hacking issue.

Thanks for the info. Many subscribers will have been a bit burnt by the hackers, so guess there's some customer bridge building to do for them huh!

Now that's a great post! But SONY should start investing more money on their infracture!

Pretty silly they give people a hard time of such a small difference in format.

Have fun playing FF7, the best in the series but I got a feeling that you already know that.

Our personal info isn't safe,either we never play online mode or ignore the problem.This is a difficult choice.

Our personal info isn't safe,either we never play online mode or ignore the problem.This is a difficult choice.

The PSN is just going more and more downhill. Sony used to rule the game, but they've just been dropping the ball the past few years. It's just a matter of time before Microsoft becomes the sole heavy-hitter in the gaming industry.

Nice one-liner you delivered to Chuck when he mentioned Richard Simmons. Even though he’s an exercise freak, he’s the real wimp. Nice going, man.

I've had a similar problem. Nothing like making things more complicated when they should be simple. Thanks for the article.

I appreciate this info, but I've tried entering my billing address as you said 23 times so far to no avail. It worked before the big PSN hack and before I moved, but now it won't work. HELP! I WANT THE CATWOMAN DLC!

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gracias por deleitarnos con post tan amenos.
ungran beso.


I've had a similar problem. Nothing like making things more complicated when they should be simple. Thanks for the article.

I've had a similar problem. Nothing like making things more complicated when they should be simple.

I've had a similar problem. However, things were more complicated when they told that they could not find my records, but still wanted payment.

amazing tips but my phone not support :D SE C510
Nice ;) and enjoy it friend...

That's why i only use PSN cards :D It's much easier.

Thanks for the tips - I was having problems too but your post helped sort it for me :)

You'd think the makers could have figured this out...

Siento su dolor - un montón de sitios no te dejará enviar formularios sin incluir un estado! - Grandes, si usted vive en Australia o los EE.UU., pero el dolor de una cuando se vive en casi cualquier mayoría de los países en el mundo, gracias

Sell WoW Account

hey sir thanks for the tips... really helpful!

Thank you mate, you have saved me a LOT of time!

uhm, I'm asking permission if i can put that address in my account because philippines is not listed. But I promise I won't buy any games.

haha it's just a format, by the way thanks :D

PSN address should be seriously addressed.

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