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Just launched: Keep Track of My Games | Posted at 12:12 AM

I just launched a new website, Keep Track of My Games.


It lets you add almost any game you want to a list where you can organize and track unreleased games. The app will email or TXT you when a game's release date changes, when it's released, or when it's about to be released.
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Excellent idea, that can save more time and know the game released date.


Is this a script that you wrote for your self or maybe an addon to a cms?

Where I can find it? Is this free?

this is a brilliant idea, it definitely help to manage all my games. thanks for putting this out.

Awesome App! Looking forward to using.

This is an awesome idea, I'll definitely be using this app in the future!

Thanks! I did get a new muffler with the winnings, and better yet–it was attached to a new pick-up truck!

This is a great idea. I love things that centralise information.

It's very similar to the SKY thing that sends emails when a new season of a program you like is starting.

Gonna give this a try. I've been looking for something like this for a long time now. This looks more intuitive than some similar apps I've used in the past.

Got some friends who are serious gamers. Will send them the link and bet you they will start using it.

My brother is into gaming and he could really use this. I think he'll love the app for what it's worth. Will you be posting anymore useful ones in the future?

Thanks for this, really interesting and useful. Great idea!

Very good idea.Congratulations!

It'd be cool if you could design a virtual bookshelf to post on Facebook/your own site or blog that showed the spines of each cover for each game you've got.

It'd be a massive project though. Would help you destroy any competition you have though :P

congrats... did you code yourself?

It's just make no sense in my opinion?and when I just find out and play the game,it's make me excite. You may not be able to. I do not remember there being a language option when adding a game to your profile.

Awesome idea - wish I would of had this back in the N64 days!

Looking forward to using.

Cool stuff man! Keep up the good work!

gracias por expresas estos post ya que son amenos y se ven que se da un tipo de amenizidad diferente .. muchasgracias

hello.. i like your idea..tnx alot

hello.. i like your idea..tnx alot

Nice idea for a site! Thanks for the post.

fantastic idea...a script like this would be very helpful.

Great idea, but don't tell my boss I was checking this site on his time. Ha ha, I have known people who were fired for playing games during work hours. People still do not understand that what they do on the computer can be tracked. and btw I AM the boss!

haha at the comment above, yes you can get fired for playing games at work by your employees riot!

this idea is really good, when would we see it implemented?

This is an awesome idea, I'll definitely be using this app in the future!

That sounds just awesome!) Apps have become a killer industry. :)

Good idea to keep track all games..nice work Kamran

really great idea!

Oh that's great. I am a big fan of online games. I will definitely gonna enjoy your work. Keep it going.

Very good :)

Wow... Great! Where can I get this app?

I like it. This is amazing. This is a looking fantastic place.

Cool stuff man! Keep up the good work!

Really very interestingly, very much I am sorry that didn't find your blog earlier * (It very much would help me earlier!

Woa .. how u do that ? It's really good idea

Its interesting idea, i love the website. It could be used for multi purposes too.

Is your website down?
I can't browse it. However, idea is great !

That was great information on mobile app development and also focusing on Interactive Voice Response on Mobile Apps.

Nice website but it was loading a bit slow for me... if you would like you can take a look at this

Perfect! Thank you for sharing this. I am now updated of whats new with gamings!

Been to the website, not bad, not bad at all.

Looks really nice. Is it available as an app on iphone or android?

Wow. Its really cool.

Such an awesome idea, I'll definitely be using it. I cannot stand for a new Diablo )))

thanks telling us very good idea.

will use it for our kind of games too :)

wow! thanks for sharing this information! this is great and i enjoyed sharing with my friends.

wait, isn't this what the memory chips were for?

definitely scoring points with the ladies with this one.

Checked the tour in the website of http://keeptrackofmygames.comand found the application quite useful

Its a very good site that serves as my personal dashboard for my favorite games.

This is a smart idea. I hope everything is working out for you.

This is a smart idea. I hope everything is working out for you. Good luck the rest of the way.

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