October 22, 2007

Madden Challenge 07

so as a part time job i work for a promotion company. what happens is I will get e-mails from the company telling me about upcoming promotions they are doing for other people and then i just tell them whether or not i want to work them or not. i recently signed with another promotion company just to get extra work and ended up booking a job for the Madden Challenge which is a huge nation wide video game tournament where you can win a trip to L.A. and play a video game for a chance to win $100,000. being it was the first time I worked with this promotion company i was not really sure what to expect. and of courses almost everything went wrong. when i signed up for the event i thought i would be working a saturday and a sunday like my manager had told me. but that didnt happen. on the thursday right before the weekend i was suppose to work i get a call saying that i need to get ready because we were going to actually be working that day and friday instead of saturday and sunday. seeing as i go to school monday through friday, the only reason i wanted to do this promotion was cause it was going to fit in my schedule. so when they said they wanted me to work that day on thursday and then the next day in friday i was pretty pissed cause i knew that just wasnt going to happen. because i couldnt go out those days with the other street team members they said i had to go out on saturday by myself and hand out these little booklet things like we were suppose to and have someone take 30 pictures of me interacting with people on the streets, at first i was pretty upset that all this happened and that i had to do it by myself but actually it ended up being better. on saturday morning i got my boy Marcus to come out with me to take pictures. i ended up only working for 1 hour because we got all the pictures so fast. so since i got the 30 pictures by myself, the promotion company paid me for the full 8 hours of work i was suppose to do even though i only worked 1. it turned out to be really fun too cause whenever me and marcus are together we have a good time, so it wasnt really work at all. just me and him having fun taking pictures with people. below is a picture we took after everything was done and i still had a whole bunch of pamphlets left over.

..............and what better to do with them then make it rain .?