September 27, 2004

Paid obituaries in Star Tribune

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has a separate, free, searchable archive for paid obits beginning July 1997:

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July 24, 2004

Chronicle of Higher Education

To get to the online Chronicle:

1. LexisNexis
2. Sources,
1. LexisNexis
2. News
3. Select News Category - University News
4. Select a News Source - Chronicle.....

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July 21, 2004

List of newspapers in annex

Reminder note that we now have a separate blue notebook, "Annex Newspapers by Title," shelved with the previous blue "Newspaper" notebooks in the Reference Desk collection.

Van Houlson did a survey of newspapers housed in the Annex. Besides being more up to date than the information in our existing blue notebooks, this one (a) is arranged by title, rather than geographic location and (b) includes many notes on condition of the paper in our copies, and on availability of reprint editions or microform if we want to explore replacing our copies. It's also a lot easier to read (clearly typeface) than the old "copy of copy of cards" typeface in the other notebooks.

Note that this notebook covers newspapers in the annex only, wheras the previous set of blue notebooks covers (in theory) all newspapers in our collection, those in the Newspaper Room as well as those in the Annex.

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