November 29, 2004

Downtown Station

Using sequestration, I think the Downtown Light Rail station does it's best to keep from being an eye sore. The colors and architecture used help it to catch the eye, and blend in at the same time. The Beams and the colors they are painted are colors and styles seen around the Downtown area.

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November 16, 2004


It was what I expected I guess. Not at all like a normal train, at least the one I road. It was neat to go by areas I hadn't seen around the cities and getting around fast. I've never ridden the bus, and I didn't want to ride the light rail, so I road to Franklin ave. where my sister picked me up. I liked the architecture of the stations because it was new but not to out there (as many new buildings do, in an attempt to be "hip"). I don't think I'd ride it again because I can drive whereever I need to go, unless it connects to the MoA soon, then I'll have a reason to go with friends. Using "synecdoche", I tried to be different and viewed the towers and cables that help the light rail run, I'm not really sure yet what I think of them but my initial impression was "ugly" and "inconvienient." We'll see if that can change I guess, and that I don't get the same impression of the light rail as a whole.

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The only thing I have ridden that is remotely close to the Light Rail is a train in Alaska. This isn't very similar, we went through mountains and across tundra to see glaciers, as opposed to going through the city to (eventually) the Mall of America. When I heard the cities were getting a light rail last year, I thought it sounded fun.

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Interesting Article

Here's an interesting article that talks about how the light rail connects some of the best parts of the cities.

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Here's some pictures I found using GIS. I stood at the spot where the light rail stops downtown. Right on the other side of where that huge steel stopper is, in case the light rail can't stop. I was kicking myself for not having a camera since I was right there.



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