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Qingsong Response

A response to Chinese artists presented in class:

In regards to Qingsong, it is amazing just how much he thinks about it. Reading his statements on the overview of his pieces are quite intriguing. As having little to none, and highly incorrect, information concerning China, reading his thoughts on the matter is very enlightening. The sense of questioning what a person should do, can do, can be, what comes next, how to survive today, etc is so prevalent it almost boggles the viewer. I definitely feel that he has progressed as an artist, after paging through the years of his art. I enjoyed the "Past, Present and Future" piece(s) he created. His present people needed a bit more silver on them, but future and past almost tricked me. That in its self is interesting, that the people of the present are easiest to pick out as people, the people of the past have historical connection to us (and a twinge of pinkish fleshy undercolor to alert of to their humanity), but the people of the future are wrought almost perfectly as we think of the distant possibility that we have no connection to.