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Regis Hallway Art Response

Gallery Resonse – Regis hallway

Victoria Lynn Turke: It didn’t matter anymore.
I thought they were all quite interesting (Turke’s set of silver gelatin prints), but I thought this one in particular stood out. The thin flower and the barely visible words just clicked. The fragility of the last petal created the hopelessness of the piece. I was simple to get the point as many of us share the experience of plucking a flower and playing the “X loves me, X loves me not? game. The artist was also rather sneaky with her faint words, forcing the viewer to come closer t her works to try to read them (or the text panel provided below).

Drew Peterson: BlueFooted Booby.
I guess I liked the chaos in the piece, yet it was very exact at the same time. The color choice was also ver pleasant, with the golden yellows and baby blues. Also appealing from both far and near as the multiple layers and images blurred together become defined, precise, prints closer up. I barely understand the technique behind sreenprinting, bt such small details seem like they’d be hard to maintain when adding laer on layer. He and David Dobb (his pieces were complex dotted lines on large canvas) seem to enjoy tedious work, personally I think I’d beat my brains out first~