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December 8, 2008

Snatcher Background


This is my plan for my Snatcher video. I'm going to go color-tastic. Once I scrounge up more time over the break I'm going to make this happen D< *clenches victorious fist*


Media Mill Video

Okay...so this is a combination of my memory project leaking into my final. Obviously it is just the line art so far, with all my intentions to color it as shown in the image I'll upload next.

It started as the memory of visiting my mom at her shop downtown. Given my poor memory, it looks nothing like the location I would go see her at but~ Then, the Snatcher showed up. I guess you could say that the snatcher is my mom...creepy yes, but it makes sense. When you tell your parents about your day, you sometimes have the feeling that they are living through you, just a little bit. So, that's why the Snatcher takes the kids image...with no harm to the kid who runs to her mother's arms to tell her ALL about school etc. This whole scheme may only be clear to my eyes, but *shrug* that's how my mind works~

December 1, 2008

Fun Time

Media Mill Video

Self Portrait


Theory of contemporary art. Given that a theory is an opinion or a hypothesis, I see more that everything is art, but not everything is art. Confused statement indeed, but it is how minds seem to be working recently. Things that used to not be art (for atheistic purposes) are no considered art as long as there is some kind of reason behind it, some kind of cause. The traditional forms of art are being therefore shunted into the category of "craft." Personally, this angers me beyond reasoning. A glass blower uses tradition to sculpt a bowl, THAT is art to me. An oil painter captures a beautiful building on canvas, THAT is art to me. Yet, to the theorist of art, that is some craft that has been done before. See that, done that. (grrrr) However, I would turn that upon those saying that, because, simply put, I think the same of their art. A five year old could make it, but they are quite certain of seeing beneath the beneath and correlating it with some current event, etc. So, within the boundary of the above theory, Everything is art, everything simply deviates from person to person.

Therefore, I'm not exactly fond of too much out there. I don't really dislike specific artists (generally they've done SOMETHING I somewhat appreciate). For artists I like, I've always been influenced by my sister (she's into digital art), my friends (more the sketching, character development, and comic creation), and other artists I've stumbled onto over the internet. In particular, I've always liked Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Her watercolors (something I've never really tried) bring out so much color, yet it is subtle and wonderful. Her use of traditional stories for some of her pieces I've also found highly interesting as I've always enjoyed history.

On my piece in specific, I just wanted to capture some things that make me who I am. Sketching has been in my life since elementary school, so I wanted to involve my scribbling in margins take on life (can't take notes in class without some little drawing scrawling up the side). I also wanted to include my oil painting method - so I tried to make my face painterly. My painting topics also effected my choice of images to place on the wall (ie the castle with green-lit smoke). I have recently started on pieces that have vivid colors off setting black. Haunting has been the descriptor other have given them, but I prefer to see it as what the eye actually sees...before it is dulled by perception and destroyed by grey. I cropped my face in the way I did, simply because I hate having my picture taken. I'd rather had my pictures on display with me hiding in a corner as I have extreme phobia of public interaction *shudder*

Thoughts on Warhol

The most I know about Warhol is that his works opened the way for just about anything to be considered within the scope of art. A simple picture of a Cambell's soup can was suddenly a piece of art. Deeper meanings were contained and the viewer could no longer only take it at face value. Personally, I find it difficult to form a fondness for his works. Just adding colorful highlights to photo images has yet to win me over. It was interesting, however, to see a few pieces I have not seen yet of his. I never would have connected some of the more biblical looking images to him (that 6.99 sign gave a bit of a hint). Seeing the work of artists inspired by him (in past classes) made it clear the freedom he had opened to those to follow, but sometimes I think things perhaps got a little too loose. Yet, as we said in class, art is different for everyone.

(very short response for in-class assignment~)

Image Combination: JungleWall

Project2 B JungleWall copy75.jpg

One of set of image splicing - the jaguar pic is not mine, but the rest are shots taken by me.

Combination Image: FlyingLessons

Project2 FlyingLessons75.jpg

One of a set of image splicing - not my photos...used for photoshop practice

Combination Image: DiverPlants

Project2 DiverPlants copy.jpg

One of set - photos from a family vacation

Combination Image: PuddleGlow

Project2 A PuddleGlow.jpg

One in a set for splicing images...these are not my photos...I only used them to practice in photoshop.