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Thoughts on Warhol

The most I know about Warhol is that his works opened the way for just about anything to be considered within the scope of art. A simple picture of a Cambell's soup can was suddenly a piece of art. Deeper meanings were contained and the viewer could no longer only take it at face value. Personally, I find it difficult to form a fondness for his works. Just adding colorful highlights to photo images has yet to win me over. It was interesting, however, to see a few pieces I have not seen yet of his. I never would have connected some of the more biblical looking images to him (that 6.99 sign gave a bit of a hint). Seeing the work of artists inspired by him (in past classes) made it clear the freedom he had opened to those to follow, but sometimes I think things perhaps got a little too loose. Yet, as we said in class, art is different for everyone.

(very short response for in-class assignment~)