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Reading: What Is Color Theory?

This reading was a nice review of color and where it stands along with how important color harmony is in art. The evolution and creation of the color wheel, triangles, and other diagrams like the Munsell Tree were appealing and informing. I believe it is true that personal preference plays a role in selected color harmonies. Once I read about colors and their associations, meanings, and cultural links, it opened my eyes to how significant color really is. I knew that there were positives and negatives to every color, but not to the extent that I read about. I knew about most of the associations with colors, but I was not aware of all the cultural links behind colors, for example how many different colors are "mourning" colors or indicate death for different cultures and countries. Along with the religious symbolisms connected to a certain color.

Visual Research for Project 1, online inspiration

The online inspiration that stood out to me and grabbed my attention was from AIGAs Society and Environment Page; The Design for Democracy, "Get Out the Vote" poster designs. All of them showed variety and gave me so many different types of inspiration for this upcoming project. For instance, lately I've been drawn to typographic advertisements and the "Get Out the Vote" posters displayed on AIGA's website had an assortment of fresh new ideas for me to go about making my own posters.
carriedo_vote_21 copy.jpg

Inspiration 2

Reading: Problem Solved Ch.2

The reading was very interesting and made you think. The use of trompe l'oeil in the British aeroplane stamps were amazing. At first or even second glance one could not see that there is a face of the plane designer in the clouds, unless told to look for it. It makes you appreciate this little stamp so much more. The book cover with the text printed onto silk is a very clever idea and I personally haven't seen a book cover like that before. I enjoy advertisements and designs that look as if you could feel the texture or grab the object that is in front of you, but really it is simply on a flat piece of paper. For example, the Red monarch Film Poster. The red on Stalin's nose looks like a real tomato with the effect of the splattering. It gives a life like feeling that if you went up to it you could touch it and feel the saturation of the tomato.


I find inspiration for different projects in various objects and artifacts. Even though I have not been assigned a project that I need to be inspired for, I have recently been inspired and would like to be able to us this inspiration on something. My friend went to France when she was in high school and has these vintage French posters she brought back. She has them hanging in her kitchen up here and every time I go over to her house I always have to stop and check them out. I find these inspirational because the colors are vivid and the atmosphere portrayed is very lively. Also, the women in the posters have beautiful jewels and ensembles that catch your eye. I could only find a couple of the same posters she has online at this website.



Inspiration 1

What I Want to Learn About Graphic Design

I'd like to learn more about different ways and easier techniques for creating interesting designs on CS4. I want to learn how other graphic designers find inspiration along with different ways to find inspiration. I also would like to learn more tips on how to make graphics look as real as possible.

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