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2 poster artist statement

Artist Statement

The poster with the different fabrics and globe has text written on that says " Mesh Together". This is symbolizing how different we all are from all parts of the world and how we should come together. The fabrics represent the different backgrounds and cultures everyone has. Inside the world, the fabrics come together in a more structured pattern to symbolize us coming together globally. The idea behind this poster is having people from around the world coming together or "meshing" together.

The second poster I made was with the light bulbs and hands. The light bulbs represent ideas and they are different colors to symbolized differences in views. The hands are there to symbolize exchanging of ideas. The use of blue and orange are complimentary colors that are contrasting colors but together make a neutral. The word "amity " means a friendly relationship, which in exchanging ideas would be the result.

2 Posters

Anatomy 2 1960s and 70s

This is a serigraph made in 1967, titled Mariyln, by Andy Warhol. This art work is an example of pop art and has a vibrant color scheme. It also shows a series of the same image in different colors repeated. 2870130518_8df0821465.jpg

In comparison, I found these poster prints of Barack Obama from 2009. They show influence of Andy Warhol's pop art and also use of same image in multiple prints and different colors.


Anatomy 2

In reading this I agree with changing colors of the same typographic or image of a cover design or poster. I think that in doing this to direct your product/ information at a much broader audience is smart. For instance if you post a poster around school with the same images but with different color palettes on each poster, you will catch the eye of all different kinds of viewers. Like if I saw a orange poster, I would probably be drawn to it because that is my favorite color and if the information is as interesting as the color being displayed I would read it. I also think that the use of clip art and ornamentation in design is also appealing to the eye and is still successfully used today.

International inspirational posters

When looking for posters that had to deal with what we are trying to create in class, i searched for international, coexistence, diversity, coming together, and global posters. Here they are:



I chose this poster because it is simplistic but still communicates to the viewer about going green.

I chose this one because it is clever how they related the ice cream cone to global warming. Resource

This poster caught my eye because of the form and how all the little symbols make up the polar bear, this inspires me to do something that is interesting like this.

Charity Design Response

I think that non-profit organizations would be great people to design for, even though you may not get money for your work, you would be helping out a good cause and be getting your work out there. I feel like designers may have some rules and guide lines to follow when making an advertisement for a non-profit organization, but in comparison to designing for a firm and or a company, you would be having to follow much stricter guidelines and having to communicate to a certain audience.

Contemporary Graphic Design of Iran

It is understandable for graphic designers in Iran to be going through some difficulties due to the state of their country, along with what Farshid Mesghali says about Iran not having a society that cherishes a unified culture. Because their society is part rural and part newcomer city dwellers with rural backgrounds, while both have different cultural views and lifestyles. I could see how that would be hard to try and aim your designs at such varying audiences. Mesghali said that they have graphic design schools and colleges that visual communication is not taken into serious consideration, I found that quite odd. When he says that they are more concerned with creating graphic artists I thought that was justifiable. I thought it was wild that it was up to the designers personal taste while creating a advertisement with no priorities on communicative significance from the person paying for the ad to be made. In contrast, here in the U.S. I feel that designers most of the time have a strict amount of information that must be present in an advertisement to be conveyed to the viewers. The two types of graphic design Mesghali lists are sad to hear as a graphic designer, one being local; for domestic use which they neglect to think about and work on. The other is for participating in international contests, which is unfortunate that these graphic designers have to rely on engaging in international contests, which doesn't even mean that their work will be paid for or chosen. It is sad that their designs are not connected more to their community and have no real tie to any certain audiences. Overall, this article was very eye opening and I found out a lot about Iranian graphic design and their comparison/ contrast with Western design that I would have never know before.

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