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View image4/27/10
Today, I woke up late. Made a PB&J. Got dressed and dropped off at school by my roommate. Went to class, walked home, looked at all the different trees and flowers on my walk. After, I took pictures of my house for a mosaic I am making for 2D. My friend Ellen came over and told me she was going to drive down to the cities for job interviews she had in the morning. My car had broken down in the cities last weekend and this was my chance to go get it. So I decided to jump the gun and go home at 8 pm. The ride was entertaining like it usually is when Ellen and I are together. We stopped at Wendy's and I bought the two of us frosties. We talked about her new boyfriend and what we wish to do this summer. I came home to my house looking different like always when I come back because, my mom has become addicted to redecorating. Just this semester I have come home four times to find something new each time: a new flat screen television, hard wood floors replacing the carpet and tile that used to exist. On trip three, I come home to find a redone bathroom and about twenty contemporary furnishings around the house (it's funny because she has no idea of the significance behind any of the art works she buys). Tonight, I pull up to my house to find a tree gone from the front yard, piles of stone blocks, and a partially put together wall of pavers. My mom tells me we are getting a "patio" in the front yard. Oh boy.
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