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Journal # 8, The Finale

Woke up this morning, well afternoon and worked on some homework. Then I went to Whole Foods and bought veggie burger patties, went home, and made a veggie burger. After, I went to school and sat in the library working on homework. I had class till 5:00 p.m. After class, I went to my friend Nicol's house for dinner. We made dinner for each other, I made salads, and she made the pasta. We then watched television and her friend came over. I worked on homework over there, came home to go to bed, and couldn't fall asleep for the life of me. (icon will be a veggie burger)

Journal # 7

Today I woke up and went to class at 9:00 a.m. I was at school until 2 p.m. in which I walked home from school. I showered. Finished up my laundry. Then went online and spent $75 dollars to join a summer league lacrosse team that a bunch of alumni from Duluth are going to be playing on. The team name is Team Wolfpack. I am really excited to play with these girls. I haven't seen some of them in a couple years and it will be nice to reconnect with them. I feel that my big purchase for the day was a successful one. Because, I will get to play lacrosse every Tuesday night in St. Paul and be with my friends at the same time. Also, our team is also getting some pretty marvelous pennies to wear. Later on in the day, my friends Ellen and Nicol came over for a little bit. Our friend Lisa who is a freshman and lives on campus took the three of us to the DC for dinner. Afterwards we all went to the library for a few hours to work on homework. Then Nicol and I went to Mount Royal and rented Sherlock Holmes. We watched it at her house and then she dropped me off at home. I ended my night by drinking some bedtime tea and laying in bed while being on my computer. (icon will be a lacrosse stick and ball)

Journal # 6

This morning I woke up and the sun was out and my friend Nicol had slept over. It was 9:30 a.m. and so we thought it would be a good idea to get Mcdonald's breakfast. On our way home we called our friend Ellen to come over and play lacrosse with us in my backyard. We pulled up to my house to find my friend Ellen curled up on my front steps with her tiger slippers on, lacrosse stick, and eating cereal out of the box. It was super nice out but none of us felt like passing around the lacrosse ball, so instead we just sat outside and enjoyed the sun rays. I worked on homework and did some laundry while Nicol slept on my couch. We later went to Grandma's sports garden so Nicol could close her tab she had left open. On our way we were guessing how much the tab would be, thinking it would be ridiculously expensive if she forgot to even close it at the end of the night. The tab was only twenty dollars though. Way later on into the night some girls on my lacrosse team went to a party and decided to take a taxi cab back to my house. They had Two Dollar Taxi through the school, but did not have two dollars or money for a tip. So, I ended my night by welcoming girls from my team into my house and paying five dollars for their cab ride over. (icon will be a taxi cab)

Journal # 5

My focus for today was sleeping in to get better and to get all ready for the UMD Women's Lacrosse banquet that was at Grandma's sports garden at 7:00. I bought a couple songs on I Tunes while I waited for my friends to come over before we left to the banquet. It cost ten dollars for the dinner at the banquet and majority of my money I spent tonight was at Grandma's on pitchers of Long Island Ice Teas. They had a drink special going on. Each pitcher was five dollars. Between myself and a few girls on my team, we had about three or four. Equaling roughly twenty-five dollars including tip. Later on I bought a few beers, a couple shots, and a few rounds. my tab ran up to being fifty dollars by the end of the night.
(icon will be a pitcher of Ice Tea)

Journal # 4

Today I woke up went to class and I didn't feel good so I went to bed after class. I slept most of the day. At 5:00 pm I woke up and went to Arby's with my roommates and I bought a chicken sandwich and curly fries. Later on in the day I went to my friend Nicol's house and played Nintendo 64. We have our team banquet for lacrosse tomorrow, so I stopped at the mall and went to DSW to get a pair of nude colored pumps. I found a pair by Jessica Simpson that I liked for $60.00. So I purchased them and am planning on wearing them with my new floral dress from Forever 21 I bought a couple days ago.
(icon will be a high heel pump)

Journal # 3

Today I woke up went to class and then worked on some homework. At school I bought a half of a tuna fish wrap with carrots on the side. I didn't spend money on anything else, which is very rare and a great accomplishment for me. I currently am unemployed and have no income so I should not be spending money anyway. Later in the evening I did a little homework and watched Knocked Up with my roommates.
(icon will be a tuna wrap and carrots)

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