Journal # 7

Today I woke up and went to class at 9:00 a.m. I was at school until 2 p.m. in which I walked home from school. I showered. Finished up my laundry. Then went online and spent $75 dollars to join a summer league lacrosse team that a bunch of alumni from Duluth are going to be playing on. The team name is Team Wolfpack. I am really excited to play with these girls. I haven't seen some of them in a couple years and it will be nice to reconnect with them. I feel that my big purchase for the day was a successful one. Because, I will get to play lacrosse every Tuesday night in St. Paul and be with my friends at the same time. Also, our team is also getting some pretty marvelous pennies to wear. Later on in the day, my friends Ellen and Nicol came over for a little bit. Our friend Lisa who is a freshman and lives on campus took the three of us to the DC for dinner. Afterwards we all went to the library for a few hours to work on homework. Then Nicol and I went to Mount Royal and rented Sherlock Holmes. We watched it at her house and then she dropped me off at home. I ended my night by drinking some bedtime tea and laying in bed while being on my computer. (icon will be a lacrosse stick and ball)

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