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Magazine Article: Buy Nothing Day 2009

BND_pink2_Nov28.jpgThe magazine I used for this assignment was Adbusters. The article: Buy Nothing Day 2009. The article talks about inviting all people around the world to celebrate this day by resisting buying anything all day long. It is to go against consumer capitalism just for one day and to try at least for a moment to halt the capitalist machine. Some people demonstrated credit card cut-ups and provocative pranks, such as zombie walks. Where people dressed up as zombies in the street and carried product bags. The image that connects to this article is a post of someone using a credit card to spread butter on a piece of bread with the text "Buy Nothing Day". I thought that the image and text spoke for the whole article itself. It is done in a fun and clever way. One could see the image with the phrase and know exactly what it is trying to tell you.

What I Want to Learn About Graphic Design

I'd like to learn more about different ways and easier techniques for creating interesting designs on CS4. I want to learn how other graphic designers find inspiration along with different ways to find inspiration. I also would like to learn more tips on how to make graphics look as real as possible.

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