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Contemporary Design+Issue Inspired by the Past

The Designer I found was Jessica Hische. Her work showed details and same styling as both the Industrial Revolution and Art Nouveau (Arts and Crafts) movements. She uses many different colors in her designs but dulls them down to give an older look and feel to them. Along with adding curls, detailed little patterns, and borders. Most of her text is hand drawn or done in Illustrator. The example of hers I found was a full page advertisement which ran in the New York times to promote the movie "Acid Test". The film is about the environmental troubles the ocean is going through with pollution and hopes to motivate viewers to think about the ocean along with going green in their lives.

Jessica Hische

Anatomy 2 1960s and 70s

This is a serigraph made in 1967, titled Mariyln, by Andy Warhol. This art work is an example of pop art and has a vibrant color scheme. It also shows a series of the same image in different colors repeated. 2870130518_8df0821465.jpg

In comparison, I found these poster prints of Barack Obama from 2009. They show influence of Andy Warhol's pop art and also use of same image in multiple prints and different colors.


International inspirational posters

When looking for posters that had to deal with what we are trying to create in class, i searched for international, coexistence, diversity, coming together, and global posters. Here they are:



I chose this poster because it is simplistic but still communicates to the viewer about going green.

I chose this one because it is clever how they related the ice cream cone to global warming. Resource

This poster caught my eye because of the form and how all the little symbols make up the polar bear, this inspires me to do something that is interesting like this.

Visual Research for Project 1, online inspiration

The online inspiration that stood out to me and grabbed my attention was from AIGAs Society and Environment Page; The Design for Democracy, "Get Out the Vote" poster designs. All of them showed variety and gave me so many different types of inspiration for this upcoming project. For instance, lately I've been drawn to typographic advertisements and the "Get Out the Vote" posters displayed on AIGA's website had an assortment of fresh new ideas for me to go about making my own posters.
carriedo_vote_21 copy.jpg

Inspiration 2


I find inspiration for different projects in various objects and artifacts. Even though I have not been assigned a project that I need to be inspired for, I have recently been inspired and would like to be able to us this inspiration on something. My friend went to France when she was in high school and has these vintage French posters she brought back. She has them hanging in her kitchen up here and every time I go over to her house I always have to stop and check them out. I find these inspirational because the colors are vivid and the atmosphere portrayed is very lively. Also, the women in the posters have beautiful jewels and ensembles that catch your eye. I could only find a couple of the same posters she has online at this website.



Inspiration 1

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