Political Tinker Skit

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here's the text i came up with on tuesday. whaddayathink? / who wants to be in this?

(II.iii) Herman: Listen, Franz. You are still a young man and so you can't see so deep into things as the rest of us, albeit I perceive that you have a good head and in time may amount to something...I was thinking last night, as I lay awake, how the administration in Hamburg could be best arranged so that the certain families whose members are born, as it were, to be burgomasters and councilors could be excluded from the highest positions of authority and complete freedom be introduced...When the government was arranged like that, we might be called a really free people.

Herman: Heinrich!

Henrich: Mr. Burgomaster!

Herman: What do you think these councilors are going to do to me?

Heinrich: I don't know; they were very angry, I could see. I am surprised they dared use such language in the burgomaster's own room. If I had been burgomaster, I should have come right out and said to them: "Shut up, you scurvy-necks! Stick your fingers on the floor and smell whose house you are in!"

Herman: I wish you were burgomaster, Henrich! ...Leave off the "burgo" and call me plain "master," for I am a tinker, and a tinker I will die.

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