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Erik - Historical context of society

Allie - Historical context of theatre scene (plus introducing argument / stating thesis)

Rebecca - Introducing Holberg
1. Holberg has been named the foremost playwright of the 18th century in Scandinavia
2. Commissioned by Montaigu to write for Scandinavia's first public vernacular/national theater, the Green Street Theater, which opened in 1722.
3. Holberg's theatricality
-his use of exaggeration or heightening of a situation for comedic effect
-focus on audience - "it is not enough for the comic writer to study the ridiculousness of humanity" and be able to "chastise faults so that he amuses as well" but he must always envision the effect the play will have on the audience.
-he thought themes that were popular in other countries would be inappropriate in Scandinavia. For example, the highly romantic French plays he believed would not receive the same praise and acceptance from the Scandinavian audiences.
-National theater closed in 1725 due to bankruptcy but revived to perform Tartuffe, despite Holberg's objections that it wouldn't be relevant for a Danish audience (because of its Catholic influence)
4. In looking at his first play The Political Tinker which premiered 2 days after the opening of the Green Street Theater, Holberg quotes that the play "had the good fortune which all good comedies should have, namely that a flock of people became angry over it" but which also "kept the audience laughing from beginning to end."

Dan - As Holberg introduces "Political Tinker" and shares his thoughts
(you might wanna snag my point 4 because there is a nice quote about the play that you could work into your piece. feel free to move it)


Bree - Analysis of scene (how he distinguishes himself from Moliere in particular)

Dan - The disillusionment that caused Lille Gronadegade's bankruptcy in 1729 / Danish Comedy's Death

Erik - Brings home argument through a historiographical discussion
-mentioning that historians are impressed with the amount of work he did (27 plays in 5 years) as opposed to applauding him for truly accomplishing his goal of culture specific theatre. He was more like Moliere than he thought...
-his emphasis on audience self-recognition seemed to make his work "indigenous drama and localized comedy" however... (sorry just giving you some of the notes I have, feel free to scrap them)

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