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There are oppositions all around me. I noticed two while making my way to class last week. They are nothing major but still are worthy of resolution. Doing laundry in my apartment with my four female roomates can be very stressfull. We are always getting in eachothers way. One person will wash laundry and leave it in the washer and dryer for three days and prevent the rest of us from getting our laundry done. I think the solution to this problem is rather simple. All we need to do is set up a weekly laundry schedule and designate individual times during the week to get our laundry done. Like I said, not a major problem. It's just one of those little things that are very obnoxious.
Another opposition that really gets on my nerves is the foot and bike traffic inside the Washington Ave bridge enclosure. There are bike riders running into walkers and walkers trotting on the wrong side of the bridge right into oncomming traffic. You would think this would seem wrong to most people. I dont think there is a simple solution to this problem because there will always be people who dont understand the idea of two way traffic and being on different sides of the road to prevent accidents. I think the universtiy should build some kind of separating wall between the two sides. It wouldnt stop all but it would prevent some.