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The Traffic Phenomena

Traffic effects all of us everyday in some way or another. It's everywhere in everything we do. If we walk to school we are surrounded by other people on foot, people on scooters, bikes, rollerblades, and skateboards. We are affected by motorcycles and automobiles, as well as airplanes. All of these things affect the phenomena of traffic.
Traffic can have many different origins. Some major ones are: accidents, congestion at on/off ramps, a popular event, rush hour congestion, construction, weather, and of course the terrible drivers. We do our best to control it with traffic lanes, turning lanes, lights, signs, bridges, etc. and somehow it still causes all of us a headache at somepoint during our day. Traffic in some places even effect the quality of the air we breath and the environment we live in.
The phenomena of traffic has an obvious heirarchy, each level is somehow effected by the level above or below it. The basic hierarchy levels are walking traffic, riding traffic, driving traffic, and flying traffic. Within these levels there exists yet another level of hierarchy. Take driving for example. Drving traffic hierarchy included little and slow things moving out of the way of larger and faster things. A compact car will merge into the slow lane of it sees and speeding semi-truck behind it ( or atleast in theory). There is also the authority figure aspect. A police officer can control traffic with simple hand signals. The levels never really end. There is always something effecting something else.
Automobile traffic is also very predictable. There is always a morning rush into the city, an evening rush out of the city, and the weekend ruch out of the city. The FRAMEWORK for auto traffic is the interstate system, freeways, highways, county roads, etc. The CLOCKWORK of auto traffic include things like rush hour, stop lights, timed destinations, scheduled road construction, traffic cops, etc. All of these somehow effect the time it takes to get to our destinations. The PHENOMENA of traffic is that it is a daily reoccurance, it is often predictable. Traffic can be effected by an event miles away. It can even cause mental anguish for individuals who deal with it on a daily basis, causing incidents of raod rage. It is the reason we must allow extra time to get places. It is everywhere, in one form or another.


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