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Global Warming: Earth's hot commodity

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By Megan Bailey

Global warming has been a hot topic among congress for the past decade. Scientists have made suggestions to legislature on reducing the amount of green house gases released into the environment. Yet, congress has yet to take action against this global issue. Students of the University of Minnesota are aware of Earth's changing climate but are skeptical to believe that it is global warming.

"Its a proven fact that the temperature is warming up," U of M student Anna Wilhelms said. "It wont necessarily end the world." 166776_10151326213026939_1646994752_n(1).jpg

Although scientists have made suggestions to congress for years, they are now just starting to focus their attention on the effects of global warming, according J. Drake Hamilton, author for doitgreen.com.

"Government is trying to change," Whilhelms said, "but at the same time it's expensive and most of it isn't safe."

Brandon Ploen economics major, thinks the government could be taking more action as well. "They could be doing a lot more," Ploen said. "Its a slow process to make global wide change.

On the other hand, environmental science major, John Frame says just the opposite. "Government isn't doing anything in general," Frame said. "They don't know enough about the topic." 733992_10151326213111939_14448430_n.jpg

The Union of Concerned Scientists say humans are the main drivers of rapid climate change. However besides walking to class and drinking from re-usable water bottles, students are doing much to reduce their own carbon footprint.

Students Brianna Boswell and Joe Kell walk to class and take the bus in an attempt to be more green. "I guess by taking the bus we reduce our carbon footprint," Boswell said.

According to the National Climactic Data Center, 2012 was the hottest year on record. When asked if this is any indication of global warming, student Megan Ryan still wasn't convinced.

"In Minnesota it's hard to tell,"
Ryan said, "It's hot in the summer and then four months later we are freezing our butts off in the winter time."

Husband arrested in case of missing wife

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Five days after a St. Paul woman went missing, her husband was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of murder, the Star Tribune reported.

Jeffery Trevino, 39, was arrested on suspicion of murdering his wife after she went missing from the Mall of America friday night, the Star Tribune reported. Kira Trevino was reported missing when she didn't show up to work on friday. Her car was found abandoned in the mall's parking lot, according to the Star Tribune.

Police searched the couple's home and arrested Trevino saying they "located enough evidence that the crime was committed in the house," St. Paul police Sgt. Paul Paulos told the Pioneer Press.
Kira's body has not been found, and the case remains as a "missing person," the Pioneer Press reported.

People who knew the couple are confused by the dissappearance and arrest, saying the couple was happy and didn't seem to have problems, the Star Tribune reported.

Balloon explosion kill 19 tourists

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A hot air balloon carrying tourists exploded Tuesday in southeast Egypt killing 19, CNN reported.

As the balloon was in the process of landing its gas supply caught on fire causing an explosion that sent 21 passangers plummeting towrds the ground. 19 of the foreign tourists were killed, Washington Post reported.

One British passanger and the pilot survived but are in critical condition, Washington Post reported.

Hot air balloon rides are a popular attraction of egypt. Gov. Izzat Saad of Luxor has banned all balloon rides until further notice, CNN reported.

Analysis: 8-month-old taken from home

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Because a major twist of information is added to the story, the leads are significantly different in the story of the 8-month-old infant that was taken from a Minneapolis home earlier this week.
The lead of the first day story says, "Minneapolis woman taken into custody after she abducted an infant from a woman she befriended.
Then day 2, new information arrises that the alleged abductor may be an illegal immigrant. The lead for this story reads, "The woman in jail awaiting charges of taking a baby from a family's home is facing federal suspicions that she is in the U.S. illeagally.
The information about the suspect being an illegal immigrant is new and is a vital piece of information so it is added to the lead in day two.
The main news of the first day is about the 8-month old that was abducted Wednesday. The main news is summarized by the events of the abduction and then the arrest of the abductor. The name of the vivctim and suspect are released. The main news in the day two story is more centered around the details that the alleged abductor is here illegally. That information takes up the two graphs after the league. The last three paragraphs are used to give information of the kidnpping because that is not the news for the story of day two.
The second story advances the news by adding the details that suspect, Isabel Diaz, Castillo may be in the country illegally. Charges that Castillo faces are in the second story because the reporters have more information on that. The fact that she is alledgedly in the country ilegally adds a whole new twist and angle to the story.

Man dies after barfight in St. Paul

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One man is dead and another was hospitalized after a bar fight Saturday in St. Paul, Star Tribune reported.

Two men were found injured outside Moonshine Saloon, at E. 7th Street and Duluth Street Iin St. Paul around 2 a.m according to Star Tribune. The me were found laying near eachother and were taken to Regions Hospital, where one died from his injures Star Tribune reported.

The dead man was identified as Cher Vang, 28, of St. Paul. It has not yet been determined how he died, Pioneer Press reported. The identity of the second man has not been released due to a pending investigation, Pioneer Press said.

The cause of the fight has not yet been determined and police are asking for the public's help with any information.

Under Armour sues nike over trademark dispute

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Under Armour has filed a law suit against Nike saying "Nike has infringed on Under Armour trademarks by using variants of the phrase "I Will" in promotional campaigns," USA Today reported.

Last year Nike launched an ad campaing using the slogan "I will.... " Under Armour who has been using that slogan since 1998 fears customers will confuse the two brands, the Pioneer Press reported.

The suit, which is seeking a trial by jury, asks for a permanent junction to stop Nike from using "I Will." It also asks for destruction of all Nike products that bear the phrase, USA today reported.

8-month old abducted from apartment

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An amber alert was issued Wednesday after and 8-month-old boy was abducted from his apartment Star Tribune reported.

The boy Carlos Orozco was taken from the apartment where his family lived around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. His mother put him in a car seat as she went to shower, but when she got out, Carlos was gone Pioneer Press said.

The Star Tribune initially reported a stranger abducted the 8-month-old, but later confirmed the suspect to be Isabel Diaz Castillo. Castillo apparently struck up a friendship with the mother a few months ago Star Tribune reported.

An Amber Alert has been issued for a 2002 red Kia Sportage. Carlos is of Hispanic descent and was wearing a onsie with a blue and white bodice with red sleeves according to the Pioneer Press.

California gunman kills 3 in spree of carjacks

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A California gunman killed three people early Tuesday as he went on a spree of shootings and carjacking before killing himself , The New York Times reported.

The gunman, who has not yet been identified, killed three people and wounded one other in a carjacking and shooting spree. The carjackings started around 4:45 am in the community of Ladera Ranch, The New York Times reported.

The suspect, only described as a man in his 20s, is believed to have stolen a car and killed the driver. Police later received a third call from a carjacking several miles away where two more victims were found, ABC news reported.

When police finally caught up to the suspect, the man turned the gun on himself, killing himself in front of police, ABC news reported.

Hearings begin for olympic "Blade Runner"

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Trial for Oscar Pistarius began friday after he was charged with the murder of his girlfriend Thursday, Washington Post said.

Pistarius, also known as the "Blade Runner" was charged with the murder of his girlfriend, model, Reeva Steenkamp, Friday, according to the Washington Post. Denied and plans to fight the charges against him,CNN reported.

In a court appearance Friday, the Washington Post reported Pistarius sobbed through his hearing and was shaking.

Pistarius shot Steenkamp four times on Valentines Day after he believed her to be an intruder, CNN reported.

Journalists of the Washington Post reported, Pistorius had been involved in past incidents of assault against former girlfriends.

Pistrius is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday for a bail hearing, CNN said.

Man shot after killing K9 analysis

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In the article Pioneer Press article, "St. Paul K-9 killer fatally shot by police had been charged in girl's sex abuse" the author sumarizes the most important information within the first three paragraphs. Obviously he summarazies in the lead but expands that information into the second and third pararaphs by stating why the man wasbeing arrested and then in the thirds states the most important aspect of the story which is the K9 that was killed by this man.
The author then gives a description of the dog and the impact that the K9 had on his St. Paul department.
The author uses a quote in the fifth paragraph to drive home the emotion the officers feel which tugs at the readers heart and keeps them reading.
The author then goes back to details about the man arrested who killed the K9 and why he was arrested. It tells details of the action happening before the dog was stabbed. Because this information isn't the main story it is appropriate to go later in the story.
The story could be rearranged so that more info about the man that was killed came before the information about the dog being killed but that would change the story completely and defeat the emphasis of the death of the K9.

Minneapolis South High School remains in lockdown Friday after a cafeteria fight involving hundreds of students broke out Thursday, reported the Pioneer Press.

Around 12:45 Thursday, a cafeteria fight broke out in the lunchroom at Minneapolis South High School sending three students and one staff member to the hospital, reported the Pioneer Press. Students threw food, plates, bottles and anything else they could get their hands on, said the Pioneer Press.

All injuried were minor and no weapons were used, said the Pioneer Press.

Classes resumed in lockdown Friday reported the Star Tribune. The school brought extra security and adults to the building as a percaution, said the Star Tribune.

Police will start an investgation Friday on the cause of the fight. The invstigation could take weeks before police find who started the fight, said the Star Tribune.

Nightmare at sea is finally over

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More than 4,200 passangers aboard the Carnival Cruise ship, Triumph, began their journey off the ship and onto land, reported CNN.

The cruise ship finally was able to dock Thursday after its engine was disabled five days ago at sea, stranding passangers, reported CNN.

The ship reached the port around 9:30 pm with passangers eager to disembark the filthy ship, said ABC news. Passengers were let off an hour later.

The Carnival Triumph departed Galveston, Texas, Thursday and lost power Sunday after a fire in the engine room disabled the vessel's propulsion system and knocked out most of its power, reported ABC news. The ship had to be towed by two boats back into the harbor at Galveston, said CNN and ABC.

After the ship lost power, sewage started leaking from the walls and into the hallway, reported CNN.

Carnival Cruise's CEO Gery Cahill greeted the ship and apologized for all damage caused not only to the ship but to passangers as well, reported CNN.

St. Paul man shot after killing K9

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A St. Paul man was fatally shot Tuesday after he allegedly stabbed a police k9, reported the Pioneer Press.

Alden Patrick Anderson was shot after he grabbed police K9 Kody and stabbed him several times. Anderson was charged Monday with first degree criminal sexual conduct, reported the Star Tribune.

Kody, a 9-year-old German Shephard, had been with the St. Paul police for 7 years and would have retired in April, said the Pioneer Press.

Sgt. Paul Paulos said the death of the K9 hit the department hard and that Kody was a like a family member, according to the Star Tribune.

St. Paul Police went to arrest Anderson Tuesday on charges that he sexually assaulted a 14-year-old relative. As officers entered the basement, Anderson allegedly grabbed Kody, stabbing him several before he was shot dead by officers, reported Pioneer Press.

Kody died on the way to the hospital from injuries he had sustained during the stabbing, said the Pioneer Press.

Only four police dogs have been killed in the line of duty, reported the Pioneer Press.

Kody will be cremated and burried at the Police K9 cemetery in Maplewood.

North Korea tests third nuclear weapon

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North Korea detinated its third nuclear test early Tuesday, reported the New York Times.

According to the New York Times, North Korea used a miniature and lighter nuclear device with greater explosive power. The test was conducted in a sealed tunnel and set off a small seismic wave, reported the Washington Post.

This is the first test conductedby the North's new leader Kim Jung-Un, said the Washington post.

The Washignton Post reported that the test recieved a great deal of scrutiny from the United States, Britian, Japan, China and the UN.

The National Security Council called an emergency meeting Tuesday morning to discuss possible measures to take on the matter.

Pope to resign at the end of the month

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Pope Benedict XVI announced his plans to resign at the end of the month Monday, reported CNN.

The announcement came as a shock to people around the world, said BBC. Even his closest aids didn't know the Pope's plans. This is the first time in 600 years that a pope has resigned said both CNN and BBC.

Pope Benedict served the Catholic Church for eight years before deciding earlier this month he wanted rest, said BBC.

BBC reported that the Pope feels he is too old to continue at age 85. It was reported that Pope Benedict's doctor advised him against anymore transatlantic trips said BBC.

Pope Benedict said in a statement, "My strengths due to advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of Petrine Ministry," reported CNN.

Officials of the Roman Catholic Church plan to elect a new pope before Easter, reported BBC.

Analysis: Horse meat Scandal

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In USA Today's article, France hunting fraudsters in horse meat scandal," the authors use seven sources throughout their story.
The sources named in the story are people who have authority whether it be in the European food industry or government officials. For example France's foreign minister and the Romanian president are used as sources. There are no consumers or retailers used as sources becasue they aren't experts on the subject. Findus's, the company accused of selling the horse meat, CEO is a source in the story as well as a spokeswoman for Dutch Foods and Wares Authority to tell the defense side of the story.
The majority of the information in the story comes from people. Direct quotes from these people are used to animate the story. France's foreign minister is quoted saing the ordeal is "disgusting." Findus's CEO is quoted saying how sorry he is for the situation and that they are planning to take action to make the situation right.
The authors set up the attributions so that the people who are outraged are quoted first. I think this is effective because it shows the seriousness of the matter and the reader is wrapped in by the animation. The reader can relate immediately because they most likely have the same repulsed thoughts on the matter. This will keep the reader interested and continue on with the story. The company being scrutinized gets the last quote of the story when they apologize for the actions. This is also affective because the reader gets to hear the defense later in the story and can leave on a reassuring note that action is being taken.

Horsemeat scandal causes border tension

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The horsemeat scandal that began earlier this month is continuing to spread throughout Europe reported USA today.

Millions of packages of lasagna and other meats were pulled from retailer shelves because they contained horsemeat rather than beef reported CNN.

According to CNN the brand Findus has been selling horsemeat disguised as lasagna and hamburgers to retailers across Europe.

This has caused border tensions between France and Romania with France saying that Romania is part of a supply train that is disguising horsemeat as beef said USA today. Frances foreign minister is calling it "disgusting."

France is considering legal action against Romanian suppliers reported CNN. Evidence of an investigation reveals either fraud or gross negligence said CNN.

3 months ago horsemeat was found in hamburgers sold in Britain and Ireland which sparked the horsemeat scandal said CNN.

Although there have been no healthrisks reported, consumers are very unsettled said USA today. Horsemeat is considered taboo in Britain is only sold in specialty butcher shops in France reported USA today.

The EU commissioner for Agiculture is set to meet with Romania's foreign minister to discuss legal action reported USA today. Romania could face export restrictions and lose credibility said USA today.

An infant was removed from the custody of a Maplewood couple after they allegedly kept their son in filthy conditions, the Star Tribune reported.

Rebecca Koecher, 23 and Clayton Johnson, 26 were charged with child neglect Wednesday after Maplewood police were called to a home on the 1800 block of County Rd B Monday, the Star Tribune reported.

Outside the home, police smelled something rotting. Police said they believed it to be a corpse of an animal or person, according to the Pionee Press.

When police entered the home they found Koecher passed out "almost on top" of her 22-month-old infant and an opened vodka bottle nearby, reported the Pioneer Press. Koecher refused a breathalizing test.

The home was littered with dirty laundry, diapers, and rotten food was laying out, reported Star Tribune.

Accordng to the Star Tribune, the house was declared a health nuisance and uninhabital.

The couple was taken to detox, while their son was taken to Children's Hospital.

Along with child negect Johnson was charged with fourth-degree assault after he attempted to punch an officer, the Pioneer Press reported.

Both Koecher and Johnson have criminal records including prior felony convictions, according to the Pioneer Press.

The teen who pleaded guilty to killing a 5-year-old was sentenced to 28 years in prison Tuesday, said Pioneer Press.

Stephon Shannon pleaded guilty to intentional murder for the benefit of a gang. Shannon admitted to firing shots at a house which he believed rival gang members were staying, but had no intention of killing 5-year-old Nizzle George who was sleeping on the couch on June 26, said Pioneer Press.

Because Shannon admitted to second-degree murder, the two first-degree murder counts were dropped, said Pioneer Press.

Shannon was with 15-year-old Julian Anderson at the time of the murder reported Star Tribune. It is unclear who fired the fatal shot that killed George because the weapons used were never recovered, said Star Tribune.

The killing is linked to months long fued between two Minneapolis northside gangs.

People of the community are already trying to prepare for prevention of gang violence for summer when most gang violence takes place because school is out, said Star Tribune.

George is the second of two small children killed by stray bullets related to gang violence, reported Pioneer Press.

New Delhii rape trial begins

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The male companion who was with a 23-year-old female student when she was raped and left for dead on a city bus in New Delhi testified Tuesday said CNN.

The man in one of 86 witnesses to testify in the case reported BBC news.

The male and female students were attacked, robbed, and then dumped on the side of the road back in December. The female died Dec. 29 from injuries of the attack. The male showed up to court Tuesday still unable to walk due to injuries he suffered during the December attack said BBC news.

The five defendants face 13 charges including murder, rape, kidnapping and destruction of evidence. The sixth suspect is 17 and therefore will be tried in juvenile court reported BBC news.

This case has led to stricter laws on sexual assault and harassment of women in India. It has also sparked changes in cultural attitudes toward women reported CNN.

Indian President Pranab Mukherjee singed an anit-rape law which increases the minimum sentence for those convicted of rape said BBC news.

Eight people are dead and 38 others were injured Sunday night after the driver of a tour bus collided with a sedan and a pick-up truck on a mountainous road in southern California reported BBC news.

The cause of the crash has not yet been determined, however BBC reported that the bus driver said the bus experienced brake problems before losing control.

CNN reported that eight people had been killed and 38 others were injured in this horrific crash. The injured were rushed to local hospitals after suffering injuries from being thrown from the vehicle or entrapment inside the bus. By late Sunday night, all passengers had been removed from the bus.

The bus belonged to Scapades Magicas bus company and was carrying a tourist group from Tijuana Mexico who had planned a day of skiing at Big Bear reported the Star Tribune.

Witnesses at the location of the crash described the scene as chaotic said BBC news. Firefighters from eight different agencies were called to the scene to help with clean up and transporting the wounded to local hospitals BBC news reported.

News Leads

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A news lead gives the reader a preview of what the story is about. It provids the reader with enough information to know what the story is going to be about in one or two sentences. The news elements in the lead are the "who", "what", "where", and "when". These detail the most impotant aspects of a news story. Most news leads are hard news leads so they are straight forward, simple sentences that state the facts of the story. If a reporter chooses not to use a had news approach they may be writing a feature that calls for a more complex, attention grabbing lead.

Illinois authorities have captured convicted murderer Steven Robbins after Chicago police accidentally set him free Tuesday reported CNN. http://www.cnn.com/2013/02/02/justice/illinois-prisoner-released/index.html?hpt=us_c2

Robbins was mistakenly released Tuesday after charges unrelated to his 2002 murder convictions were dropped and Chicago authorities let him go said CNN.

ABC news reported that Robbins was currently serving a 60 year sentence for shooting a man who interefered in a fight between Robbins and his wife. http://abcnews.go.com/US/video/georgia-man-killed-after-pulling-into-wrong-driveway-18346050

He was supposed to be returned to Indiana after his charges were dropped reported ABC. He was caught about 60 miles away from Chicago in Kankakee, IL.

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