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Analysis: 8-month-old taken from home

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Because a major twist of information is added to the story, the leads are significantly different in the story of the 8-month-old infant that was taken from a Minneapolis home earlier this week.
The lead of the first day story says, "Minneapolis woman taken into custody after she abducted an infant from a woman she befriended.
Then day 2, new information arrises that the alleged abductor may be an illegal immigrant. The lead for this story reads, "The woman in jail awaiting charges of taking a baby from a family's home is facing federal suspicions that she is in the U.S. illeagally.
The information about the suspect being an illegal immigrant is new and is a vital piece of information so it is added to the lead in day two.
The main news of the first day is about the 8-month old that was abducted Wednesday. The main news is summarized by the events of the abduction and then the arrest of the abductor. The name of the vivctim and suspect are released. The main news in the day two story is more centered around the details that the alleged abductor is here illegally. That information takes up the two graphs after the league. The last three paragraphs are used to give information of the kidnpping because that is not the news for the story of day two.
The second story advances the news by adding the details that suspect, Isabel Diaz, Castillo may be in the country illegally. Charges that Castillo faces are in the second story because the reporters have more information on that. The fact that she is alledgedly in the country ilegally adds a whole new twist and angle to the story.

Man shot after killing K9 analysis

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In the article Pioneer Press article, "St. Paul K-9 killer fatally shot by police had been charged in girl's sex abuse" the author sumarizes the most important information within the first three paragraphs. Obviously he summarazies in the lead but expands that information into the second and third pararaphs by stating why the man wasbeing arrested and then in the thirds states the most important aspect of the story which is the K9 that was killed by this man.
The author then gives a description of the dog and the impact that the K9 had on his St. Paul department.
The author uses a quote in the fifth paragraph to drive home the emotion the officers feel which tugs at the readers heart and keeps them reading.
The author then goes back to details about the man arrested who killed the K9 and why he was arrested. It tells details of the action happening before the dog was stabbed. Because this information isn't the main story it is appropriate to go later in the story.
The story could be rearranged so that more info about the man that was killed came before the information about the dog being killed but that would change the story completely and defeat the emphasis of the death of the K9.

Analysis: Horse meat Scandal

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In USA Today's article, France hunting fraudsters in horse meat scandal," the authors use seven sources throughout their story.
The sources named in the story are people who have authority whether it be in the European food industry or government officials. For example France's foreign minister and the Romanian president are used as sources. There are no consumers or retailers used as sources becasue they aren't experts on the subject. Findus's, the company accused of selling the horse meat, CEO is a source in the story as well as a spokeswoman for Dutch Foods and Wares Authority to tell the defense side of the story.
The majority of the information in the story comes from people. Direct quotes from these people are used to animate the story. France's foreign minister is quoted saing the ordeal is "disgusting." Findus's CEO is quoted saying how sorry he is for the situation and that they are planning to take action to make the situation right.
The authors set up the attributions so that the people who are outraged are quoted first. I think this is effective because it shows the seriousness of the matter and the reader is wrapped in by the animation. The reader can relate immediately because they most likely have the same repulsed thoughts on the matter. This will keep the reader interested and continue on with the story. The company being scrutinized gets the last quote of the story when they apologize for the actions. This is also affective because the reader gets to hear the defense later in the story and can leave on a reassuring note that action is being taken.

News Leads

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A news lead gives the reader a preview of what the story is about. It provids the reader with enough information to know what the story is going to be about in one or two sentences. The news elements in the lead are the "who", "what", "where", and "when". These detail the most impotant aspects of a news story. Most news leads are hard news leads so they are straight forward, simple sentences that state the facts of the story. If a reporter chooses not to use a had news approach they may be writing a feature that calls for a more complex, attention grabbing lead.

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